Dear Menz ft. FUTURECOP!

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, thoughts of romance are titillating (and torturing) the minds of many, so I figure it’s perfect time to enlist a new special menz to share some dude advice with us ladies.

My new favorite musical crush, Futurecop!, creates tunes sweet enough to be your time-traveling soundtrack. These two Brit boys are obsessed with 80’s pop culture, including John Hughes movies and your favorite Saturday morning ‘toons, serving as a direct inspiration for their synth-pop sound. I was lucky enough to catch them live a couple times recently, including a memorable night with my ladies at TILT and have since been listening to them nonstop. Futurecop’s charming duo, Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, answer my crazy questions below!

If you two could pull a Weird Science, which 80’s babe would you want appearing before your very eyes?

Peter: Michelle Pfeiffer and Heather Locklear come close, but Phoebe Cates wins in the end 🙂
Manzur: Phoebe Cates !!!!!!

What five songs would you put on your ultimate MAKIN’ IT Mix?

Kenny Loggins- Dangerzone
Chesney Hawkes- One and Only
Human League- Human
Janet Jackson- Pleasure Principal
Meatloaf- Anything for Love

Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever
Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson – Beauty And The Beast
REM – Nightswimming
Boy Meets Girl – Waiting for a Star to Fall
Weezer – Undone- The Sweater Song

What’s the sexiest thing a girl can do to get your attention and keep it?

Peter: Individuality and a sense of humour.
Manzur: Got to be fun, got to be different and not try too hard (especially trying to be hipster and cool – I hate fake people) but still be nice and sweet. Most of all clean girls and no drugs!


Who would you rather have taken to prom, Valley Girl or Teen Witch?

Peter: Valley Girl. We love LA!
Manzur: Teen Witch.

Would you try to take Jessie’s Girl if Jessie was an ASSHOLE?!

Peter: Some guys just need to know they are not behaving properly, we’d do it in a second.

What do you think of half asian girls with bangs? 🙂

Peter: Sounds like a great combo to me 🙂
Manzur: I’m actually obsessed with half asian girls – theyre sooo hot! the best thing since slice bread! Not many things make me shy but half asian girls do!

Editor’s note: WHY HELLO


Marty Mcfly lent you the keys to the DeLorean. Where in time are you taking me on our first date?

Peter: 1988. A classic year, and the beginning of so many good things.
Manzur: 1985!


Futurecop! just released an EP through IHEARTCOMIX and also announced a new USA tour so if they are coming to your town I suggest you put on your Nike 2015 dunks, go see them live and bust a move, boos.

In the meantime, Let’s make out to some:

Eyes Like the Ocean – Futurecop!

then let’s break it down with a ‘lil:

Fast Forward vs Ciara – Futurecop!

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