Like many peeps who feel they were born in the wrong era, I love going to the swapmeet or the antique shop to find old photos from people’s lives I never knew.  With the rain here to annoy me this weekend, I have the desire to do just that. I want to spend it thrifting, listening to old music and digging through plastic bins of strangers’ photographs. Here are some of my favorites…

I am totally enamored with this lady. WHO IS THIS DIVA? (also P.S. Now everytime I see “DIVA” all I wanna do is sing THIS. THANKS A LOT E. ) She is one of my style icons fo sho.

I love how nurses looked back in the day. I’m sorry ladies of the modern medical field! I think all of you are awesome for your career choice, but I wish I could burn your Rugrats and Winnie the Pooh scrubs! It’s my favorite, obviously.

When I look at pictures I also think to myself..what’s the hidden story here? Are they related? Was it a love triangle? Is she the fag hag? I want to hang out with dapper looking menz like that!

And I like wondering how people just were back then. What did they talk about back then? Did they RAGE? Did they get down and dirty and laugh at fucked up shit? Was it the same as now but just on the DL?

Were they as perverted as all of us are now?