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Today Should Be Filled With Dreaming

February 28, 2009   1 Comment

What Would Charo Do?

What Would Charo Do?


  • vintage dress- fairfax swap $10
  • loverdoll slip – Doublespeak on etsy
  • gem belt – local shop
  • gold boots – $10 daisy
  • unseen nude fishnets
  • malachite gem on gold chain
  • childhood gold unicorn necklace
  • leopard ring – fairfax swap
  • pearl clump ring – charlotte russe
  • I adore this embroidered slip. It’s from the lovely Doublespeak on etsy.

    c'mere loverdoll

    I want to start giving out fortune cookies to you for the weekend because I am AZN. My first fortune cookie for you is some wise words from Charo, the only celebrity that has made me all starstruck (until I meet Bjork which will result in me fainting.) Lately I have been asking myself What Would Charo Do? WWCD?? I found this great quote and a video of her singing “Love Will Keep Us Together” from her television special that aired in the mid-70′s. That song is so special to me.


    “If you believe in what you do, you are immortal. The day that you don’t believe it, the day you’re taking other people’s opinion, you better go to Tijuana.” – Charo aka María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Moquiere de les Esperades Santa Ana Romanguera y de la Najosa Rasten

    Fun Fact: My latest fake name for the club is Tia Juana.

    Happy weekend ladies and gents!


    February 27, 2009   12 Comments

    Channeling Claudia Kishi

    Claudia Kishi

    I don’t know why I felt like I was dressed in the sartorial style of good ol’ CLAUDIA KISHI from Babysitters Club today but I sure did. Please peep my outfit below and tell me if you feel me on this. Maybe it’s the beret? Claudia was an artist you know.

    claudia kishi status


    • mustard beret – Target
    • gold unicorn necklace and i love you bracelet – mine since I was nine
    • pearls ring- charlotte russe
    • menz wife beater
    • betsy johnson sunglasses
    • malachite heart shaped gem on necklace – fairfax swap
    • black and white plaid dress – local shop
    • black tights and booties
    • old shiny black belt

    I am only missing a pair of crazy Kishi earrings and a side ponytail. There is something about black and white checkered plaid, when paired with the color yellow that reminds me of my youth. It also reminds me of the outfit I wore in my childhood fantasy as an 80′s version of Winnie Cooper. (I’m not joking on this, which you can tell if you are aware of my old obsession with Fred Savage.) This was also around the time of my Chrysanthemum fantasy if you are wondering.

    Anyway, back to Babysitters Club. Even though Claudia was the # 1 fashion plate, Stacey was actually my favorite because she was also a fashionista, yet very hip and from NYC.  However, Claudia was Asian, and might have been the only other Asian girl I knew back then. HOW LONELY. Still her outfits were completely bananas. If Claudia had grown up right along with me, I’d imagine she also went through the candy raver phase and carried vintage tin lunchboxes as purses like yours truly. She probably would have been a wild drunk and then later in her golden years would have become a crazy bag lady.


    The Babysitters Club book that I remember to be one of my favorites was when goody-two shoes Mary Anne had a makeover. I remember she went to the mall and had a huge shopping trip. You know I love me some makeover montages! I can’t find it now, but I wanted to post an embarrassing school picture of me from BSC-reading years with a side ponytail, pink lipstick and half-closed eyes. I’ll have to find it so we can all have a little laff at my expense.

    Also, lately I’m into a strip mall quinceanera-type gold jewelry, particularly shit I wore as a kid. I’ve been wearing this unicorn necklace I’ve had since I was nine or ten, along with this gold bracelet that says “I Love You” and I love it! I don’t want to take it off! Next I will be purchasing some best friends half-heart necklaces and a gold cross with Jesus on it like it’s my First Communion all over again. I’m telling you, Quince Gold is HOT. Well, at least for my ghetto ass. Close up:


    Let’s fantasize my nails are all delicious and glammed up right there. I still remember the theme song, do you?

    February 26, 2009   7 Comments

    Things That Brighten My Day

    The existence of:

    Thank you

    Thank you,


    February 25, 2009   7 Comments

    My Anti-Oscars Weekend

    I didn’t watch any of the Oscars. I did look at some of the red carpet coverage and I can’t even begin to deal with : Beyonce; the fact that my tired azn eyes thought Tilda Swinton was Macauley C. circa Home Alone; Kate Winslet’s (yes I love her but..) plastic Ken doll helmet head, Miley Cyrus wearing something that would looks amazing on an older, classier woman but just made her look like a buck-toothed lampshade, UM IF I WAS JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S GIRLFRIEND, I would at least wash and comb my hair after he f*&$ed me all night! Okay I am just shit-talking. Why am I all bitter, Oscars afterparty of one? The only person I care about is my crush Marion Cotillard. Remember when I got all obsessed with her? Last year she was so fine in that mermaid dress. She still is so breathtaking, sigh. Also, the more you see delicious ~EDWARD~ Rob Pat don’t you just KNOW how dirty he probably is? He has Whore Eyes. And this Whore Eyes right here can tell another Whore Eyes from a mile away.  I am crazy. Should I Joan Rivers up in this bitch? Do I need to become a celebrity gossip columnist? I mean I did read The National Enquirer along with my Berenstein Bears books…

    Anyway, let’s talk about me and my weekend. I went to a mutha fuckin’ Danzig concert. WHAT?! I know…I thought the same thing. “WTF is this bitch Marie doing at a Danzig show?!” You know…I just go where the wind carries me and that wind sometimes screams in my ear… “MOTHER, do you wanna bang heads with me?”


    Going to concerts like that…los metals…is funny because heavy metal slash hardcore music scares the shit out of me and makes me HORN at the same time. Much like scary movies and driving down the freeway grades. Here are my friends molesting the tour bus.


    Woo rock n’ rawl!


    Sunday I went to the flea market in Hollyhood with Tiff and scored some cute dresses and jewelry, before proceeding to the Museum of Death for an evening of the macabre. A few blocks away celebrities were making their way down the red carpet while we looked at gruesome crime scene photos and serial killers’ letters. What a nice way to celebrate Oscars Sunday!

    If you own a pair of superhero gold cowboy bootz and magically know another person who owns gold cowboy bootz, you will only come to the realization that the Universe is on your side.

    Lookit dem bootz

    I think you can call my look “Squaredancing Whore.” Usually I am “Goth Lolita” or “Amish Wednesday Addams” but I am mixing things up for the Oh Nine. Can you dig?

    team gold bootz power pose

    I wanted this dress so bad. It reminded me of Santa Sangredo you know why?

    my dream dress

    How cute!

    666 Carol

    Museum of Death is so awesome if you can stomach it. Also, I LOVE turtles and I LOVE two-headed animals!

    Museum of Death

    I leave you with some of Danzig’s “She Rides” and a whole lotta 80′s Ass to stare at to start your workweek off with a bang. Sway with me you guys, sway your 80′s ass with me to the sweet tune of Mr. Glen Danzig….


    February 23, 2009   4 Comments

    Agent Lover Loves You


    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying today with your sweethearts and sweetfarts. I am up in good ol’ San Francisco looking forward to spending some QT with my lover Jameson tonight. But first, a ‘lil gift from me to you…a HUMP MIX of sexy songs to induce your HORN, taken straight from some of my favorite people.


    Track List:

    + “Day-O” – Harry Belafonte from Michael Ian Black who likes “Anything with maracas.” so we will assume Day-O does the trick.

    + “Work Out My Number” – Bangers & Mash from Violet Blue

    + “Wild World” – Birthday Party from Lola Dam Sorrow

    + “Suffocated Love” – Tricky from Gala Darling

    + “Embrace ft. Ladyhawke” – Pnau from Mike (Damage!) of TILT

    + “Scratch My Back” – Tony Joe White from Coop

    + “The Black Queens Beads” – Barbarella Soundtrack and “Requiem Por Un Con” – Serge Gainsbourg from Lenora Claire

    + “Inertia Creeps” – Massive Attack from This Is Star

    + “The Glory of Love” – Peter Cetera from Dizzy Von Damn!

    + “Moments in Love” – Art of Noise from James St. James

    + “Waiting for a Star to Fall” – Boy Meets Girl and “Danger Zone” – Kenny Loggins from Futurecop!

    + “I Got the Hots” – The Soft Boys from The Slackmistress and Be The Boy

    + “Book of the Month” – Lovage from Mary Van Note

    + “Doin’ It” – LL Cool J from Agent Lover

    + “Nice Cocks” – Tom Zacharius from Gea Philes

    + “Pretty Mess” – Vanity from Defekto




    February 14, 2009   5 Comments

    Dear Menz With Special Guest Futurecop!

    Dear Menz ft. FUTURECOP!

    With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, thoughts of romance are titillating (and torturing) the minds of many, so I figure it’s perfect time to enlist a new special menz to share some dude advice with us ladies.

    My new favorite musical crush, Futurecop!, creates tunes sweet enough to be your time-traveling soundtrack. These two Brit boys are obsessed with 80′s pop culture, including John Hughes movies and your favorite Saturday morning ‘toons, serving as a direct inspiration for their synth-pop sound. I was lucky enough to catch them live a couple times recently, including a memorable night with my ladies at TILT and have since been listening to them nonstop. Futurecop’s charming duo, Manzur Iqbal and Peter Carrol, answer my crazy questions below!

    If you two could pull a Weird Science, which 80′s babe would you want appearing before your very eyes?

    Peter: Michelle Pfeiffer and Heather Locklear come close, but Phoebe Cates wins in the end :-)
    Manzur: Phoebe Cates !!!!!!

    What five songs would you put on your ultimate MAKIN’ IT Mix?

    Kenny Loggins- Dangerzone
    Chesney Hawkes- One and Only
    Human League- Human
    Janet Jackson- Pleasure Principal
    Meatloaf- Anything for Love

    Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
    Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson – Beauty And The Beast
    REM – Nightswimming
    Boy Meets Girl – Waiting for a Star to Fall
    Weezer – Undone- The Sweater Song

    What’s the sexiest thing a girl can do to get your attention and keep it?

    Peter: Individuality and a sense of humour.
    Manzur: Got to be fun, got to be different and not try too hard (especially trying to be hipster and cool – I hate fake people) but still be nice and sweet. Most of all clean girls and no drugs!


    Who would you rather have taken to prom, Valley Girl or Teen Witch?

    Peter: Valley Girl. We love LA!
    Manzur: Teen Witch.

    Would you try to take Jessie’s Girl if Jessie was an ASSHOLE?!

    Peter: Some guys just need to know they are not behaving properly, we’d do it in a second.

    What do you think of half asian girls with bangs? :)

    Peter: Sounds like a great combo to me :-)
    Manzur: I’m actually obsessed with half asian girls – theyre sooo hot! the best thing since slice bread! Not many things make me shy but half asian girls do!

    Editor’s note: WHY HELLO


    Marty Mcfly lent you the keys to the DeLorean. Where in time are you taking me on our first date?

    Peter: 1988. A classic year, and the beginning of so many good things.
    Manzur: 1985!


    Futurecop! just released an EP through IHEARTCOMIX and also announced a new USA tour so if they are coming to your town I suggest you put on your Nike 2015 dunks, go see them live and bust a move, boos.

    In the meantime, Let’s make out to some:

    Eyes Like the Ocean – Futurecop!

    then let’s break it down with a ‘lil:

    Fast Forward vs Ciara – Futurecop!

    *If you missed any Dear Menz from the past, please check out:

    Dear Menz With Special Guest Michael Ian Black, Chase Lisbon and Donny Vomit.

    Also if you have a Dear Menz nominee whom you would like me to interrogate with perverted and romantical questions, please holla at your girl at marie[at]!


    February 11, 2009   6 Comments


    Like many peeps who feel they were born in the wrong era, I love going to the swapmeet or the antique shop to find old photos from people’s lives I never knew.  With the rain here to annoy me this weekend, I have the desire to do just that. I want to spend it thrifting, listening to old music and digging through plastic bins of strangers’ photographs. Here are some of my favorites…

    I am totally enamored with this lady. WHO IS THIS DIVA? (also P.S. Now everytime I see “DIVA” all I wanna do is sing THIS. THANKS A LOT E. ) She is one of my style icons fo sho.

    I love how nurses looked back in the day. I’m sorry ladies of the modern medical field! I think all of you are awesome for your career choice, but I wish I could burn your Rugrats and Winnie the Pooh scrubs! It’s my favorite, obviously.

    When I look at pictures I also think to myself..what’s the hidden story here? Are they related? Was it a love triangle? Is she the fag hag? I want to hang out with dapper looking menz like that!

    And I like wondering how people just were back then. What did they talk about back then? Did they RAGE? Did they get down and dirty and laugh at fucked up shit? Was it the same as now but just on the DL?

    Were they as perverted as all of us are now?


    February 6, 2009   9 Comments

    Just a Quickie

    Cacadookie computer issues + other stuff = lack of posting but I wanted to ~show u some love ~ as well as this:

    LAWL. Life is so slapstick.

    February 3, 2009   5 Comments