Dress Up Diary

The other night I went to a Bettie Page tribute burlesque show to see my gal Dizzy Von Damn! twirl her tassels and shimmy her shakes. This is what I wore:

bettie page burlesque wardrobe remix


  • vintage polka dot scarf
  • F21 dress
  • H&M heart purse
  • red heart ring
  • gold bracelet from childhood
  • Target knee socks
  • Soho Lab heels

Miss Dizzy and I


In other news this weekend I have been obsessively listening to Europe (THEY ARE MAJESTIC) and some usual slow jamz. Shaun and I decided we are going to be K.P. and Envyi for Halloween this year. Whenever the gang and I are at a hotel we put on a lil youtube and listen to a lot of LL Cool J and old r&b jams and “Shawty Swing My Way” is on CONSTANT ROTATION. ‘EAR DIS:

Best slow tempo breakdown of your life:

Then I walked ova to him slowly
said I know u don’t know me
but this might be my only
shot at a Tenderoni…

So this costume also means it may finally be the time I get some long, luxurious acrylic nails to get into character. I want them to be dragon status where you can hear me tap tap tapping away on my computer very slowly. I never wanted to get fake nails before because I always had naturally long nails since the fifth grade. Yes diva at age ten, ok? Anyway I think they are amazing and hilar but I am not sure if I can handle that kind of ferociousness. Well maybe for two days. I might have to just dive right in and go for it.  Kind of like when I tried contacts, tampons, and sushi for the first time.

Okay, I’m seriously into this shit right now. Can anyone link me to some fabulous nail art blog where I can look at pictures of these all day?


Bonus: why does this song actually make me SWOON still fourteen years later? HAHA

AND EDIT: I forgot to blast one of my faves!



1 Ashe Mischief { 01.19.09 at 5:52 am }

I love DJ Barbi’s nails, because they’re totally like 80s Barbie nails. I couldn’t stand to wear acrylics, but I do want some fyoin-ass nail art.


2 Freya { 01.19.09 at 8:34 am }

I lust after your polka dot scarf. Actually I just lust after you in that outfit. Mrowr.

I’m not sure about those nails. I had acrylic nails once in my life and the pain of tearing them off will make me never consider them again. My nails looked ratty for weeks afterward.

3 sushi zume { 01.19.09 at 8:52 am }

You need to come check the nails in Tokyo!

Nail Art mags here would rock your world!

Love your style

4 C-Monster { 01.19.09 at 8:55 am }

oh mah gawd, how i love me them hello kitty tips.

5 gina marr { 01.19.09 at 9:40 am }

i agree. that hello kitty set is too legit.

6 ritza { 01.19.09 at 4:26 pm }

“this little game we play” was like, my jam when i was 10. i played that shit out! and i have always been strangely attracted to ridiculous nail art, remember coko from swv?! ♥

7 marie { 01.19.09 at 7:48 pm }

@Ashe- Her nails are hot shit for real! I know…I’d rather have some airbrushed shit on my own nails. IS IT POSSIBLE?? And thanks girl! <3

@Freya – Thanks mlady! OKAY. I don’t think I can handle all shitty ratty nails underneath…maybe I am having second thoughts. MAWR

@sushi – Um..those videos are AMAZING!! WHUT. I can’t deal with that!!! How do chicks operate with those nails?!! Oh m’lord that is OOC. Thank you for that! I want to go to Tokyo so bad!

@C-Monster – RIGHT?? Hmm..maybe next shoot…super ghetto fly girls from the 90′s?

@gina – YES SON

8 Shaun { 01.19.09 at 8:32 pm }

Those nails are amazing!

9 Kristin { 01.20.09 at 2:01 pm }

dress up diary! you crack me up marie and if you get those nails, there better be a real photo shoot to celebrate them!

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