The other night I went to the drag art show and party at World of Wonder for RuPaul’s Drag Race, in which the fiercest drag queens will compete to be the number one Miss Divalish. I remember in high school I loved watching The RuPaul Show as I drifted off to beddie bye, dreaming of being a cover girl, giving a twirl, doing my thang, and making love to the camera, and then showin’ you the front AND the back, so naturally I was excited to be attending this chaotic circus! The gallery indoors was so packed, Ru herself couldn’t get in! I left before making it in to see the art, but I had a lot of fun outside taking pictures inside the Polite in Public photobooth and having some LOLs.

Lovely ladies Marla Rutherford, Lenora Claire, Pamela Vain and I got money and chu know it :

Got Money

Nicki, Shaun and I hammin’ it up:


I wore a high-waisted pencil cut dress with a leopard print blouse, my favorite Clovenhoof Eye of the Beholder pendant, and carried a vintage 70’s magazine clutch my brother got me years ago. Back in the day, ladies used to carry these in order to trick purse snatchers into thinking they were holding a folded magazine. Patricia Field also makes her own including this cute Barbie one.

ello u better work it Rie-Rie

You can’t see in the pics but I had on some thigh highs that needed help staying up and I didn’t want to use a regular garter belt (aka I couldn’t find it) so I adjusted my menz sock garters to use as thigh garters and legendary artist Olivia complimented them!!! So I think my fashion risk has been stamped: APPROVED. Also see: men sock garters as sexy thigh garters = fitting for a drag queen party. Nicki and I looking ferosh:


Let’s talk about the highlight of my life when Charo gave me a high five. UM. LISTEN. I don’t get starstrucked easily, but when I heard some “ayiyiyi”-ing and turned around to see magnificence in a red sequined mini dress, I couldn’t help but let out an exasperated sigh and exclaim “OH MY GOD IT’S YOU!!” and then she gave me a high five. I died. It was like Pope status. Coochie Coochie! Here she is with Judy Tenuta! (I hear Charo will be at Chumash. Anyone wanna go? )

judy and charo

DISCLAIMER: This following video is a circus in itself as the amazing Pamela Vain who I like to call GAHmela “interviews” me on the red carpet. Don’t faint.

First a couple of things…yes I talk all crazy like that a lot of the time and I have been fooling you with my British newscaster speak in the past videoblogs. Shaun has been giving me shit because I am talking too proper in the first videos. ‘Escoos me for being a lil’ nervous and making sure you can hear me loud and clear. It is My Fair Lady up in here ok?? Shaun…why you always picking on me. Anyway, I talk in a thousand different voices so if you can’t keep up please turn the channel because this one will go from BBC to BET in a second!!! Love You All.

Second, I know you ask yourself, why does this betch keep talking about subway sangwiches? It’s crazy and quick but before GAHmela asks me who I am f@$&ing, she asks if I have had a baby and I say only a subway sangwich because over fifteen years later I still auto-think of this Cosby Show dream sequence episode of Mr. Huxtables giving birth to one.Then I die and think of this second favorite episode.

Third, all of you thinking: “Some fashion blog you got here, asshole.”