More detailed pictures of the Hello Kitty for M.A.C. line have been circulating around the beauty blogs lately, helping me to make a decision on what to purchase in about a month when it launches on February 12th! Let’s take a peek courtesy of Specktra, Temptalia, and Beauty Anonymous

First of all, I love these press shots by Nick Knight. Bows, patent leather and milk. Pretty obvious concept of making Hello Kitty sexy and edgy, but I still loves it.




Lip chaps

I used to have this black patent leather Hello Kitty wallet with a hot pink bow that I LOVED (even though it could barely fit an ID card and five dollhairs) and the look of the line reminds me a lot of it. As for the actual makeup colors, I think a lot of them are pretty sweet, especially the silver nail polish. It’s been awhile since I wore that sort of color. I’m digging it. The white is hot too. Thoughts?


LipstixLipstix 2



HK big bag

HK keychain

HK bag

I don’t think I’ll be splurging on any accessories like I did with the Fafi line other than the brush holder and maybe the keychain. I’m not into the bags that much. I could probably find a cuter one at an actual Sanrio! What do you HK fanatics think of everything?

PS. This ain’t the first time HK tried to get a ‘lil wild. Aiiii!

kitty ground