I spent several days in San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve with my cohort-in-rojo, Miss Star St. Germain. I had only decided to go a week or two before…but last minute adventures involving Star and I seem to be a recurring theme, so I should stop fronting.

First off, I love San Francisco. I am still toying with the idea of moving there. And although I always had concern with the dismal weather (WHATTA BABY), I should be more concerned with turning into a full-fledged alchy! I’m already enough of a lush as it is, but here in Southern California we have to drive our asses everywhere. When we RAGE, we have to crash or flip a coin to be designated driver. So basically what I’m saying is FU SF’ers with your no cars and public trans. And FU too NY’ers ’cause that shit is the same over there! I’m just jealous because I have a huge car payment and crazy insurance and you guys are having cocktails every night. Maybe I will just move there and become an alchy. I would AbFab all over the place and you know this! GAWD. I hate all of you. Someone get me a job there already, I will just buy some new coats.



So I arrived the morning of New Year’s Eve, which was later spent running around to various parties. First we stopped at the wonderful Violet Blue’s house, where we reported live from the blogger bungalow. Us with the lovely ladies, Violet Blue and KumiMonster.

Star and I with Violet and Kumi

Later we ran around with Chaki and caused more trouble. Somehow in the night’s blur, I lost my hat that Dizzy Von Damn! made for my birthday a couple years ago. 🙁 But a good NYE it was. At some point, a night was spent attending a toga party where I discovered the hottest new trend for all of us fashionistas…ROMAN SHIN GUARDS.


Gold heels + gladiator fashion = Hot New Shit for Oh-Nine, boo. You better work. See, this diva is not even fucking around. She is like,” Gladiator sandals? Bitch please, that is nothing. I am going all out in Roman armor to bring that trend full circle.”

killin' me right now

Should Star and I open up a bar called “Clocks N’ Booze?” Because it’s always time to get your fade on, SON.

Clocks ' Booze

We then made shirts at Bang On to put ourselves on blast and wore them during our photoshoot with Kristin of Design That Kills…whom I LOVE. I’m so glad I finally got to meet her! She is a stylish gal with incredible taste and also an amazing photographer. I can’t wait to hang out with her again. Here is a cute valentine that Star made and a collage she did of some of the shots!



And the video she edited!

Design That Kills Photoshoot with Agent Lover from Star St.Germain on Vimeo.

Excuse the fifty-thousand mentions of the word “awesome” by yours truly. I was just so excited, people.
Look how good Kristin made me look!

your one and only

Oh SF how I love you so hard. I miss Star so much! ‘Til we meet again my scarlet sister!

PS. Only a down ass chick will harmonize a ‘lil Tina T. on the fly witchu…

Untitled from Agent Lover on Vimeo.