HAPPY NEW YEAR you guys! 2009 are we feeling fine? I figured a ‘lil year-in-review post was in order, especially since I did one a year ago to relaunch agentlover.com! WOO HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRFDAY TO THE LIL BLAWG! And again, my love of montages will help give you a brief visual of what adventures I went on in 2008.


+ Of course I had to take a few trips to shake some of that gypsy flu off of me. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go outside of the country in ’08, but I did satisfy a bit of that traveling bug by a lot of weekend trips. I made it up to San Francisco three times, New York City on that infamous 40 hour whim, and a whole lot of trips in Southern and Central California (San Diego , Palm Springs, and San Luis Opisbo.)

+ One thing that was a bit disappointing was I didn’t go to many good shows this year…I think Beirut might have been the only one that I really enjoyed! Am I becoming an old grampa? Wait, isn’t Boyz II Men playing this month?!? My brother saw Bell Biv Devoe recently and I wanted him to bring a picture of just ME for BBD to sign with “That girl is poison,” but he didn’t make the meet and greet. Oh well, maybe next time.

+ I was the privileged pervert who was able to buy my friend Jason Savvy’s 69th taco. He tallied up his tacos for the year which was an impressive count…304?! OH MY GAWD. Perhaps I will taco tally this year myself. I am currently at one.

+ The year was the year of the RAGE. Too many wacky adventures with the gang to even count. Cheers to more of those in 2009…starting tomorrow? I hate you people. I’m still recovering from New Year’s. This is why I constantly fall asleep wearing my glasses! I am a grampa. MAW.

+ Let’s not forget when some crazy ass bitch accused me of stealing her mutha fuckin’ dime-a-dozen black velvet Ebay gloves. I won’t go into too much detail about it on here, but basically DO NOT FUCK WITH ME YOU STANK BITCH. The only things your girl here steals are hearts, OK. Seriously though. Don’t EVEN step to the Filipina Lil Kim. ( That flyer was only up for one day because I’m nice and felt bad, but now I replaced her phone number with acorns because dat bitch is nuts.)

+ Rolled deep to chola prom, stole your crown and I stole your mang Chuy.

+ Launched Polaroid Apocalypse and held a mass ‘Roid shoot in San Francisco with Star. It is still a project very dear to me but I didn’t get to focus on it as much as I wanted to last year, so let’s hope this final year of ‘Roid Vision will be in FULL EFFECT.

+ Went to New York on a whim to meet up with the Ladybloggers. Star and I are always going on crazy adventures! I’ll be writing about our New Year’s together soon. In the meantime, you can peep some of our time together on her blog. BTW, I forgot to tag her for those sixteen facts!

+ Spent a lot of time at my favorite place in the world…THE MADONNA INN! I have to write about my last trip there…in October.. which is like a thousand months ago in blog years. But I promise it will be worth it. If I ever learn how to edit these video clips! I need a new computer UGH. Anyway, it’s just a whole lot of girls in costume and boobs and dancing and laughing and boobs. OH MADONNA! Star will also have a great post about it and a video that I’m on too!


Alas, another year gone of LOLs, GAHs, VOMs, WHY I OUGHTAs, etc. and etc. Thank you so much for reading about mi vida loca. You people are wonderful. I will never steal any of your Ebay gloves, FYI. You can count on that.

PS. 3 of my Favorites for you..

“Lollipop Lips” – Connie Francis

“Do Something” – Helen Kane

“Magic Stick” – Lil’ Kim