ooh shiny

Photo by Robyn Von Swank.

I have never done one of these tagged posts before but I am taking a cue from the lovely Gina Marr and presenting you with sixteen fun facts about yours truly.

+ I have severe Wanderlust and always want to escape to far-off places. I always say it’s due to a case of the gypsy flu. I’ve been to Beijing, London, Amsterdam, the Bahamas, New York and love running off to San Francisco and Vegas any chance I get. I really want to go to Paris, Italy, Tokyo and GREECE (so I can be all disco dewy like in Mamma Mia!)

+ I was extremely shy and one of those smart kids growing up but also kind of an asshole because I wouldn’t give the class nerds Valentine’s Day cards! For some reason I keep thinking about that lately and feel very guilty. I’m so sorry, nerds. 🙁

+ I was also really boy crazy back then too. I had a crush on Fred Savage and once wrote him a four page fan letter in yellow highliter. I was also enamored with Bastian and Atreyu and fantasized I was an indian princess in The Neverending Story named “Chrysanthemum.” ( I know you are so jealous.)

+ I totally spelled Chrysanthemum correctly right then because I am a spelling nazi. This is because of my favorite toy, the Speak & Spell. Sadly, I feel as though my internet usage these past five years has made me really dumb and lazy.

+ When I drink too much whiskey, I sometimes recite Catholic mass, including the priest’s part. GAH! I also like to rap old TLC.

+ I wanted to be a writer for Jane magazine and once applied as an intern (which I did not get.) I miss that magazine. RIP Jane magazine.

+ I’m Filipino and Italian. Growing up was tough because I didn’t know anyone else like me. YOU FEEL ALL ALONE AS A HALFBREED. OH CHER. I still absolutely hate it when you can only choose one box for your ethnicity.

+ I’ve tested out almost every type of clothing style and hairdo. Raver, semi-goth, MY PENNY HARDAWAY FROM ORLANDO MAGIC JERSEY WTF?!, grampa plaid pants and little boy’s thrift store tees, etc. Ironically my current style is the same as when I was five. ELLO KNEE SOCKS, DRESSES AND BANGS.

+ The people I choose to spend most of my time with are fuck.ing. amaz.ing. I’m in love love love love love with my friends. I hope I can find someone as sweet and hilarious and sexy as them that I can also bone. WHAT.

+ I love singing old jazz and plan to retire at 65 as a leathery tan and blonde lounge singer at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in beautiful Las Vegas crooning old Doris Day and Peggy Lee. I will see you there and be wearing a gold camel toe. OMG I will host The Gold Camel Toe Awards ceremony. (WTF? Sounds catchy though, no?)

+ The reason I am the way I am is because of Oona Goosepimple and Mae West. If you understand what this means about me without a GOOG I will french you.

+ I’m really into the supernatural and aliens and the occult. I like WEIRD SHIT. I grew up on alien books and Coast to Coast AM.

+ My favorite place in the world is the Madonna Inn. When we first went into the Love Nest room I told my friends, “This is what I feel my insides look like.” My second favorite place in the world is the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Sigh.

+ Bjork. That’s all you need to know. It’s too personal to talk about here.

+ My favorite book is Story of the Eye. My favorite poem is “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron. I am obsessed with Hans Christian Andersen’s The Red Shoes. I am STILL in the middle of the third Twilight book. Since…August. Everyone hates me.

+ I’m a huge romantic in every single way. I am always dreaming. It gets me into a lot of trouble but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is most likely why I’m bad at math.