Good Day, my friends! I want to catch you up on some of the things going on in my life. First of all, let’s give a hearty HELLO to my new baby nephew, Mason.


The sight of a baby and me kicking it are always hilar since they usually hate me. Much like canines, they can smell my fear and will immediately elicit a response (crying, screaming, mad-doggin’) which in return causes me to fear them even more.

Look at me with a baby

But ‘lil Blondie and I got along swell. Later on I will buy him a guitar, a telescope, nunchucks and comic books, since I won’t be able to count on my usual scheme of buying Hello Kitty items to get little babies on my side.

Here’s an outfit post from last week when I went to the Bailout art show in downtown LA. I have been wearing that skirt and top a little too much it seems, eek!…but I do like the addition of the blazer!

at Bailout art show

  • f21blazer
  • richard chai for target top
  • menz sock garters
  • charlotte russe skirt
  • payless oxfords
  • pearls from beijing
  • betsey johnson purse

Lastly, with the beginning of a new year on the horizon, I have a few things in mind to spice up the scenery and vibe around here. One of my goals will definitely be to post more…IF THAT’S OK WITH YOU? I am having fun doing these videoblogs even though I feel quite silly on camera. Remember, I was a SHY child growing up. 🙁 As you can see with the last one posted, I wasn’t sure what to talk about so I freestyled some toe-touch aerobics for you. Did you feel the burn? On the serious tip, does anyone have some certain requests for me for either written posts or video? Do you have anything in particular you would like me to talk about? Do you want to interrogate me? Make fun of me? Shall I crack some jokes? I’m bad at telling them though. The only one I can remember is one about a vagina and mashed potatoes…but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, hit me up on comments or marie[at] if it tickles your fancy!