So, there’s something important you should know about me. I’m not one of those cold weather people. I hate rain. I also despise the fact that when it’s so cold, your leg hair grows back immediately, even if you just shaved it two hours before (WTF is up with that btw?) But for some reason I have been digging on this recent cooler weather. True, I do live in Southern California and cold weather to me is like 57 degrees so all you East Coasters and “four seasons people” are all, “F U MARIE.” I guess I’ve just been enjoying waking up and layering knee socks over tights and the GORILLA JACKET REDUX.

ne dis rien remix


  • beret – Target
  • dress – either TJ Maxx or Ross
  • belt- Target
  • black knee socks and turquoise tights – Target (there is so much Target up in this bitch!!)
  • faux fur jacket – Papaya from three years ago
  • patent oxfords – Payless
  • silver rose brooch – had since I was a lil bebe
  • cameo brooch peeking out – Patricia Field store from 2006 NYC trip

Certain things have been consuming my ears. Aside from my daily ongoing Boyz II Men listening sessions and growing obsession with T.I. (LAWL.) I have been on a nonstop Serge Gainsbourg fix. I keep watching this particular video of “Ne Dis Rien” with Anna Karina. IT KILLS ME.


I also keep looking at pictures of him with Jane Birkin. They were too sexy and romantic. I can’t take it. This is that time of the year where I watch Love, Actually ten times and it feels like everyday someone is sticking pins into my heart. UGH YOU.

so obsessed lately

What I REALLY want to find is the movie Anna that he made with Anna Karina and from which “Ne Dis Rien” is taken. If anyone has the hookup, please let momma know!

In the meantime I’ll be rolling around all Tawny Kitaen-style on some heavy machinery. HELLO.