Paraphernalia Victoriana Collection Contest

First off, Vanda from Paraphernalia is having a contest for her new Victoriana Collection! All you have to do is write a short story for one or more of these lovely ladies adorning the necklaces, and the winner will win a $30 gift voucher as well as be featured in the product description and press releases! These pretty gals will surely inspire you to write a paragraph or two! More details can be found on the Paraphernalia blog and Vanda’s flickr!

And now for my LA peeps, there are two special events for you to attend. Tonight is Gidget Gein’s Memorial Plaque Benefit at the Dragonfly that Lenora Claire has organized.

Gidget Gein Memorial Benefit

And this Saturday, December 6, La Luz de Jesus Gallery will be presenting a signing, photographic exhibition and live erotic photo shoot for Alexandra Gibson’s new book “From the Outside In.” The foreword to the book is written by my dear friend Tricia!

From the Outside In

In an era when popular culture shuns the mysterious & sacred for the garish & over-exposed, Alexandra Gibson cultivates a deeper, innate ideal of sexuality and eros. Her work expresses a genuine desire to explore the individual, to extract and expose the mystery of the spirit.

One could describe her style as a cross-fertilization of social realism and erotica, a distinct departure from the increasingly commonplace www-erotica that relies upon a simple algebra of nudity and exploitive pose. Gibson’s muses bare themselves in front of her camera physically and psychologically, exposing a nakedness that is far more than nudity. She documents the very immediate, captures the moment of permission, of acquiescence. When viewing these images one can almost hear the subject exhale, a thumping pulse, the hum of raw lust like electricity.

In her first book “From the Outside In,” Gibson offers her audience visions of passion that are unexpected and unique: there are men and women entwined as serpents, spells inscribed with razor and blood, nymphs tamed by rope round slender neck, and near spectral figures emerging from inky black. The body is a tableau to Gibson and she has the distinct ability to emphasize its eroticism through the shooting of the specific (i.e., portraiture) or through the revelation of its more anonymous, seductive architecture. This ability to mate the stark and secret recalls for the onlooker the work of Brassai and Arbus, Man Ray and Mark, Evans and Witkin.

Gibson’s work has appeared in countless publications including Rolling Stone, the New York Times, the L.A. Weekly, and Curve. Her photography has been shown in a list of equally prestigious locations: the California State Capitol, the corporate offices of Hewlett-Packard, the Advocate Gallery, & the Helen-Pittman Gallery in Detroit, MI. Most recently, Gibson traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico to study under photography legend Mary Ellen Mark.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new works by Gibson in conjunction with the release & signing of her book. Limited edition archival prints will be on display & available for purchase. Also, as part of this special event Gibson will be erecting one of her famous live photo stages for a live erotic photo shoot in the gallery – an event not to be missed!