I’ve always wanted a pink Christmas tree, so when I found a cute one that was also surprisingly very cheap, I knew I would have fun decorating it. I have bigger plans for it, but this was too hard to resist. What else do you do when you open up your craft drawer and see ten babyfaces smiling at you? They will be watching.

Babyface Xmas Tree

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start over and decorate it with the other Babyface. When will I stop with the 90’s slow jams?

A couple weeks ago my friend Emine took me to get my first macaron at Boule. Macaron not Macaroon. And yes, it was like a piece of cookieburger heaven in my mouth. The rose flavor was my favorite.

Macarons from Boule


This past weekend I finally tried a Boba (I had the coconut milk tea). That experience was long overdue for probably ten years. And yes, it was tasty. It also made me miss Orbitz.

My First Boba

So many first times for things! What could be next? My first durian? I already did that. I’d link you to the picture but it’s not as cute as a face. I promise! Stank ass fruit, OH-KAY!

Emi and I also enjoyed a nice spa day at Cote d’Azur courtesy of the nice people at goldstar.com. It was probably the best massage I have ever had. Usually after a massage, I feel like I got my ass beat and slapped around and sometimes I even leave with bruises, but this one was perfect. I felt very relaxed, yet energized afterwards, and not at all sore or out of it. Am I the only one that usually feels that way after a massage?

I also bought the best perfume in the world. Since I love candy and sweet scents, I was ecstatic to find a fragrance at Anthropologie that smells like Easter to me. That really makes no goddamn sense but you know how I am with the power of scent! It smells like grape and My Little Pony. But it’s called Sweet Pea and Vanilla! It is made by Skeem, which you can find here.

My new favorite scent

I wish my website was scratch-n-sniff so I could spray it on my screen and you guys could take a good whiff. Maybe Apple can create that feature by the time I get a new laptop?