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Dress Up Diary – Hard Rock Edition

I spent the weekend in San Diego again, this time at the Hard Rock which was SO much fun. Joan Jett helped me with my first outfit photo. This is what I wore on our little road trip down.

wardrobe remix hard rock hotel


  • forever 21 necklace
  • red cardigan..local store
  • target belt
  • luella for target skirt
  • black tights
  • chinese slipper mary janes – downtown ventura

That old Luella for Target skirt is so tore up. It is about two sizes too big for me, was already missing two buttons, and by the time we got to the hotel another button fell off. I had a fantasy of it bursting apart like Zapped! but it unfortunately didn’t happen.

I’ve got a meeting in the ladies room. GAH!

Creepy Bathroom Remix


Nubby’s red lipstick tee
black skirt and belt – H&M
red tights – Urban Out
black knee highs – Target
chinese mary janes – downtown Ventura

Last week I stayed at the W Hotel, which was very nice. I do like the Hard Rock better though. If you are looking for something hip and chic, yet more kick back, the W is for that. The beds were like fluffy marshmallow clouds (I MISS THAT BED!), the showers were very nice (super soft water) and it felt like I was staying inside of an iPod. The Hard Rock was comfortable too but it’s definitely the place to go if you want to party. It’s sexy, seductive and perfect for RAGIN’. However, if you are shy about the following: dooking and being naked, then it might not be the place for you to lay your weary head. The bathroom was right in the middle of the room with not-so-discreet glass doors that hide no sound.

Everyone will watch and hear you pee.

stuck in the ice

But you will watch them like a nerd ghost waiting in the wings…

nerd ghost

That’s creepy and sick, I’m sorry.

Also I’d like to apologize for that weird ass video I posted…while drunk. WTF?! We were arguing about UB40 which is already lame first of all, secondly, Hex was thinking “I Can’t Help Falling in Love” was called “Fools Rush In”, which is an entirely different song so we were both confused. HOWEVER that actually proves I wasn’t really wrong after all. YAY. Right?!? Anyway, I will promise to only blog when I am in the right frame of mind from now on…IF YOU’RE LUCKY.


Das righ.

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Baby Niblet

Baby Corn

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Hi sexies. Just a battle of minds while I pre-party….I GOT MODED…OR DID I?

I got moded from Agent Lover on Vimeo.

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It’s a Boy!

Good Day, my friends! I want to catch you up on some of the things going on in my life. First of all, let’s give a hearty HELLO to my new baby nephew, Mason.


The sight of a baby and me kicking it are always hilar since they usually hate me. Much like canines, they can smell my fear and will immediately elicit a response (crying, screaming, mad-doggin’) which in return causes me to fear them even more.

Look at me with a baby

But ‘lil Blondie and I got along swell. Later on I will buy him a guitar, a telescope, nunchucks and comic books, since I won’t be able to count on my usual scheme of buying Hello Kitty items to get little babies on my side.

Here’s an outfit post from last week when I went to the Bailout art show in downtown LA. I have been wearing that skirt and top a little too much it seems, eek!…but I do like the addition of the blazer!

at Bailout art show

  • f21blazer
  • richard chai for target top
  • menz sock garters
  • charlotte russe skirt
  • payless oxfords
  • pearls from beijing
  • betsey johnson purse

Lastly, with the beginning of a new year on the horizon, I have a few things in mind to spice up the scenery and vibe around here. One of my goals will definitely be to post more…IF THAT’S OK WITH YOU? I am having fun doing these videoblogs even though I feel quite silly on camera. Remember, I was a SHY child growing up. :( As you can see with the last one posted, I wasn’t sure what to talk about so I freestyled some toe-touch aerobics for you. Did you feel the burn? On the serious tip, does anyone have some certain requests for me for either written posts or video? Do you have anything in particular you would like me to talk about? Do you want to interrogate me? Make fun of me? Shall I crack some jokes? I’m bad at telling them though. The only one I can remember is one about a vagina and mashed potatoes…but that’s a story for another time. Anyway, hit me up on comments or marie[at] if it tickles your fancy!



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Toe Touch from Agent Lover on Vimeo.

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Ne Dis Rien

So, there’s something important you should know about me. I’m not one of those cold weather people. I hate rain. I also despise the fact that when it’s so cold, your leg hair grows back immediately, even if you just shaved it two hours before (WTF is up with that btw?) But for some reason I have been digging on this recent cooler weather. True, I do live in Southern California and cold weather to me is like 57 degrees so all you East Coasters and “four seasons people” are all, “F U MARIE.” I guess I’ve just been enjoying waking up and layering knee socks over tights and the GORILLA JACKET REDUX.

ne dis rien remix


  • beret – Target
  • dress – either TJ Maxx or Ross
  • belt- Target
  • black knee socks and turquoise tights – Target (there is so much Target up in this bitch!!)
  • faux fur jacket – Papaya from three years ago
  • patent oxfords – Payless
  • silver rose brooch – had since I was a lil bebe
  • cameo brooch peeking out – Patricia Field store from 2006 NYC trip

Certain things have been consuming my ears. Aside from my daily ongoing Boyz II Men listening sessions and growing obsession with T.I. (LAWL.) I have been on a nonstop Serge Gainsbourg fix. I keep watching this particular video of “Ne Dis Rien” with Anna Karina. IT KILLS ME.


I also keep looking at pictures of him with Jane Birkin. They were too sexy and romantic. I can’t take it. This is that time of the year where I watch Love, Actually ten times and it feels like everyday someone is sticking pins into my heart. UGH YOU.

so obsessed lately

What I REALLY want to find is the movie Anna that he made with Anna Karina and from which “Ne Dis Rien” is taken. If anyone has the hookup, please let momma know!

In the meantime I’ll be rolling around all Tawny Kitaen-style on some heavy machinery. HELLO.



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A Few Things For You to Check Out

Paraphernalia Victoriana Collection Contest

First off, Vanda from Paraphernalia is having a contest for her new Victoriana Collection! All you have to do is write a short story for one or more of these lovely ladies adorning the necklaces, and the winner will win a $30 gift voucher as well as be featured in the product description and press releases! These pretty gals will surely inspire you to write a paragraph or two! More details can be found on the Paraphernalia blog and Vanda’s flickr!

And now for my LA peeps, there are two special events for you to attend. Tonight is Gidget Gein’s Memorial Plaque Benefit at the Dragonfly that Lenora Claire has organized.

Gidget Gein Memorial Benefit

And this Saturday, December 6, La Luz de Jesus Gallery will be presenting a signing, photographic exhibition and live erotic photo shoot for Alexandra Gibson’s new book “From the Outside In.” The foreword to the book is written by my dear friend Tricia!

From the Outside In

In an era when popular culture shuns the mysterious & sacred for the garish & over-exposed, Alexandra Gibson cultivates a deeper, innate ideal of sexuality and eros. Her work expresses a genuine desire to explore the individual, to extract and expose the mystery of the spirit.

One could describe her style as a cross-fertilization of social realism and erotica, a distinct departure from the increasingly commonplace www-erotica that relies upon a simple algebra of nudity and exploitive pose. Gibson’s muses bare themselves in front of her camera physically and psychologically, exposing a nakedness that is far more than nudity. She documents the very immediate, captures the moment of permission, of acquiescence. When viewing these images one can almost hear the subject exhale, a thumping pulse, the hum of raw lust like electricity.

In her first book “From the Outside In,” Gibson offers her audience visions of passion that are unexpected and unique: there are men and women entwined as serpents, spells inscribed with razor and blood, nymphs tamed by rope round slender neck, and near spectral figures emerging from inky black. The body is a tableau to Gibson and she has the distinct ability to emphasize its eroticism through the shooting of the specific (i.e., portraiture) or through the revelation of its more anonymous, seductive architecture. This ability to mate the stark and secret recalls for the onlooker the work of Brassai and Arbus, Man Ray and Mark, Evans and Witkin.

Gibson’s work has appeared in countless publications including Rolling Stone, the New York Times, the L.A. Weekly, and Curve. Her photography has been shown in a list of equally prestigious locations: the California State Capitol, the corporate offices of Hewlett-Packard, the Advocate Gallery, & the Helen-Pittman Gallery in Detroit, MI. Most recently, Gibson traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico to study under photography legend Mary Ellen Mark.

La Luz de Jesus Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new works by Gibson in conjunction with the release & signing of her book. Limited edition archival prints will be on display & available for purchase. Also, as part of this special event Gibson will be erecting one of her famous live photo stages for a live erotic photo shoot in the gallery – an event not to be missed!


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Okay…I am trying something new. I’m scared! Please don’t be afraid of my creepy voice. HOW EMBARRASSING

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Babyface Xmas Tree and Other Tidbits

I’ve always wanted a pink Christmas tree, so when I found a cute one that was also surprisingly very cheap, I knew I would have fun decorating it. I have bigger plans for it, but this was too hard to resist. What else do you do when you open up your craft drawer and see ten babyfaces smiling at you? They will be watching.

Babyface Xmas Tree

Maybe tomorrow I’ll start over and decorate it with the other Babyface. When will I stop with the 90′s slow jams?

A couple weeks ago my friend Emine took me to get my first macaron at Boule. Macaron not Macaroon. And yes, it was like a piece of cookieburger heaven in my mouth. The rose flavor was my favorite.

Macarons from Boule


This past weekend I finally tried a Boba (I had the coconut milk tea). That experience was long overdue for probably ten years. And yes, it was tasty. It also made me miss Orbitz.

My First Boba

So many first times for things! What could be next? My first durian? I already did that. I’d link you to the picture but it’s not as cute as a face. I promise! Stank ass fruit, OH-KAY!

Emi and I also enjoyed a nice spa day at Cote d’Azur courtesy of the nice people at It was probably the best massage I have ever had. Usually after a massage, I feel like I got my ass beat and slapped around and sometimes I even leave with bruises, but this one was perfect. I felt very relaxed, yet energized afterwards, and not at all sore or out of it. Am I the only one that usually feels that way after a massage?

I also bought the best perfume in the world. Since I love candy and sweet scents, I was ecstatic to find a fragrance at Anthropologie that smells like Easter to me. That really makes no goddamn sense but you know how I am with the power of scent! It smells like grape and My Little Pony. But it’s called Sweet Pea and Vanilla! It is made by Skeem, which you can find here.

My new favorite scent

I wish my website was scratch-n-sniff so I could spray it on my screen and you guys could take a good whiff. Maybe Apple can create that feature by the time I get a new laptop?

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