No On Prop 8

{No on Prop 8 self-portrait of my BFF Nicki H}

Tomorrow is the day for  Californians to vote No on Prop 8, which if passed, would eliminate the right for same-sex couples to marry. It is completely ridiculous that many moons ago we were fighting for equal rights and we are still fighting for it in this day and age. This should not be our current reality! It also pains and disgusts me to see parents programming discrimination and intolerance in their children’s minds by making them parade street corners with Yes on 8 signs. This only promotes ignorance and hate for future generations. This also promotes me to accidentally flip off children while I’m driving. NO ON PROP 8!

Remember, without the gays we would not have fashion, people! Our Google Readers would be a sad and desolate town, with dirty sweatpants-wearing tumbleweeds rolling by. And yes, gay weddings are likely to be more fabulous than most straights’, but nobody has to get jealouz! That doesn’t mean we can’t all party together in the name of equality! VOTE NO ON MUTHA FUCKIN’ PROP 8.

This is a cute ad from the amazing Margaret Cho and Selene Luna, both ladies whom I love!


Also please check out my bff Shaun’s hilarious and powerful take on the subject!

And of course, vote for this cutie for president!