Did everyone have a RAGIN’ Halloween? My during-the-day Halloween costume was a schoolgirl witch. Satan’s School of Black Magic…top of the class! When I told Miss Dizzy Von Damn! what I was dressed as, she asked “Like The Craft?” And then I remembered my high school obsession with that movie. Some things never change. I dressed as Nancy from The Craft on Halloween…and then eventually every day after that. I heard there was even a rumor that I was a “lesbian witch” that had “threesomes”. Best rumor ever, right?

I found a mini witch hat at my favorite local craft store a few weeks ago and was planning on jazzing it up with some adornments, but decided that it looked cute plain and simple so I attached a black ribbon to tie it on my head. Can I wear this randomly throughout the rest of the year?
Lil Witch (Work Costume)

{ Details:}

  • Mini witch hat I attached a ribbon to
  • Top from local shop
  • H&M skirt
  • black tights and striped knee socks
  • mary janes – local shop
  • Cloven Hoof pendant (my friend Emine’s line, I will be interviewing her in the future!)
  • Betsy Johnson purse

And now the real treat…(Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be ‘Lil Kim or Weezy this year. 🙁 )

I love nurses…



and I love birds…

Put those two together, add a dash of SICK and you get my Halloween costume: Bird Flu!


Closeup of Bird Flu Pill Nest


Styling this outfit was very last minute! I worked on it while watching Argento’s Demons which scares the shit out of me btw.. I’m so good under pressure…
I had some of this stuff from our Naughty Doctor and Nurse Party a few years ago. I LOVE that nurse hat, which I got from a medical fetish site so I’m going to have to get a replacement! The little jacket was bought on Halloween from a local shop on sale and I glued fake dead birds with X’s (‘oculama’, thanks Star) on their eyes, birds nest with assorted pills instead of eggs, syringes…

I was accompanied by Bloody Valentine, Smurfette and Jackie Sparrow!


There was a scary crawtchmonster bush coming to get us but luckily Jackie Sparrow broke out her ninja pirate moves.

Nikki versus Crawtch Monster

Smurfette loved her weave…

Smurfette and Bird Flu

Although I hate pirates, I forever love dis one.


How was your Halloween? Are you still recovering? Gimme the juice!