Oh hai everyone! I was bedridden for the whole week after my birthday party due to a ‘lil of this:


which, as seen on my face in the pic below, first had me thinking I was roofied, spanish fly’d, now had hepatitis A, B, C, D, mono, then Treeman disease, which would result in my limbs being sawed off and me turning into a Glo Worm:

Me freaking out I have Hepatitis A, B, and C, Mono, roofies, spanish fly, after drinking out of a pirate's flask

but STILL, ultimately ended with me in a feverish dazed flu for the whole goddamn week:

Never let a comparably mild, yet extremely paranoid hypochondriac drink from a strange pirate’s flask. Even if it is her birthday. Anyway, I’m about 75% better than before and I’m all ready for Halloweeners and will be celebrating it all WEEK! It is my favorite holiday after all. Well, aside from the 8 Days of Marie of course.

Also… here’s what I wore for my party!

Wardrobe Remix Birthday Edition

+ Striped Bow headband – Loulou Loves You <3 <3 (hi Loulou!!)
+ Black tube dress – Charlotte Russe. Cheaply made and uncomfortable so I took out the plastic boning and layered over it (I just wanted the skirt part really!)
+ Shrug and Top – local store
+ light pink bra from Victoria’s Secret
+ Pink Crinoline – LA Fashion District
+ Pearl necklace from Beijing Silk Market
+ Betsey Johnson earrings
+fishnets and those old Target heels. Will I ever find anything as comfy as you??