+ Mr. Shankly is growing up! I took care of my brother’s frenchton puppy during the spring and was love stricken. He’s living overseas now but I still think of him often! Look at him with his ‘lil jacket. MAWR. Oh how my heart swells. I miss you like the deserts miss the rain, Mr. Shankly…

+ Watching Bjork videos, followed by reading the ‘about Bjork’ section on her website where there are quotes from her on different subjects. The things she says are always so inspiring to me. It’s kind of like reading my own personal bible. Haha! She has been my role model since I was fifteen. She soothes and comforts me like Oolong tea.

+ Fan Death ! WHAT THE FUCKS I LOVE THIS BAND. I just read about them on Gorilla vs Bear this morning and I have been listening to their songs over and over nonstop! What initially caught my attention was their use of a picture from Don’t Deliver Us From Evil. I screencapped that exact scene last week from an old French film about satan-worshipping schoolgirls so my curiosity was piqued. Fantasy sexual disco. I hope they play a show in LA ASAP.

+ And finally, three-day weekend. YAY!