Secret Society of Lady Bloggers

I figure with all this Secret Society of Lady Bloggers chitchat going on, I better let you know my mind-penetrating thoughts on the topic as well before we put it to rest.

First, a bit of my blogging history: I actually started in fall of 2006 when a friend suggested I get away from the restricted doldrums of Livejournal and exercise my lifelong love of writing through my own little domain. However after a while, I had realized I was not sticking to my initial goal of the website and decided to go on hiatus until I developed a real focus, which resulted in the relaunching of the site at the beginning of this year. I love fashion, film and photography, but I am not well-educated in every designer or director at all. Still, I love to chat about things that inspire me, as well as make me laugh. And I welcome any of those who want to make jokes about boners and gush over pink cocktail hats with me.

So, The Secret Society of Lady Bloggers…are we like Fight Club? Everyone’s doing it, but nobody is admitting that we are part of some underground movement? Obviously, as Nubby mentioned, female bloggers are not a new trend. And as far as any confusion and panty-twisting caused by the askmetafilter post, if we appeared to be some sort of “blogging clique” it is truly accidental. Like Nubby, Star and Gilda have all basically said, we are just a group of creative-minded women with six degrees of separation or less between us. We share some of the same aesthetic admirations and use the blogging platform to share our individual voices. Our knuckle-tattooed reveal as a secret society was tongue-in-cheek; a sassy little response that conveys another quality I share with Nubby, Star, Gala, and Gilda…we like having a damn good time! The women I surround myself with day to day are beautiful, independent, positive, rock and roll dreamers, so why shouldn’t my Google Reader be surrounded by the same kind of thing too?

Although I am a fierce supporter of women inspiring women and think it would be the most flattering thing ever if I might help at least one person out there in the world someday, I am so far from being a role model! If “The Lady Bloggers” were a high school clique, I’d be the one trying to get you to ditch third period, do a whip-it and drill a peephole in the boys’ locker room. That’s a lie. Well, not the last part…OH-KAY! Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what the hell I’m meant to do in this crazy life. But there are a few things I love love love, and photography, writing and connecting with people are some of the things that warm my turtleheart. Blogging gives me an outlet for that. Thank gawd for it!

Now for those ladies who are interested in becoming bloggers as well, I think the most important thing you have to do is KEEP IT REAL PLAYAS! On the internet, as well as in your every day. You really have to just be yourself. It’s such a fucking kindergarten cliché but man, if you be frontin’, people will smell that shit a mile away.

The internet is making the world smaller and smaller each day…so surrounding yourself with good-hearted, inspiring and creative individuals online as well as off is one of the most important things you can do to keep your head and heart in the right place.

And anyway…like I always say, we’ve only got room for one asshole ‘round here. AND THAT ASSHOLE IS ME!

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