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I was sick in bed this weekend so all I did was Netflix and screencap…and drink beer as if it were medicine. Another reason why I am not your role model. Anyway, I have another post coming at chu later today, but I wanted to share my favorite scene from Return to Oz, one of my top ten films from childhood.

when you're sick during the weekend ya just start screencappin'

I loved Princess Mombi and her cabeza switcharoo. It was so fucking scary slash glamorous to baby Marie.

Donchu know I’ve been planning on doing a shoot to recreate this scene. LADIES, are you ready? Don’t worry, I will leave your pretty little heads attached.

Her pad was the shit, was it not? All that crystal…makes me want to grab a bat. I just decided to do a future post on my dream house with the appropriate screencap references sometime.

Look at that BED

Love that red key too!