Last year or so, I cut back on going out to eat for lunch while at work, which allowed me to explore the wonderful world of bento boxes. I have collected several Hello Kitty bentos; the first one I received through a swap from a Flickr friend who was attending school in Japan. After that I was hooked on the cuteness. I’d scour the different Flickr groups and be amazed at how into it some Bento fans are. As all twenty-something going on twelve-years-old girls like myself, I go crazy over kawaii-cuteness so a sandwich that looks like a panda is going to entertain me.

Bento Baby

The problem with the Hello Kitty bentos I have is that they are not microwaveable, so I was only able to pack salads or fruit in them. For a long time, I had considered getting a Mr. Bento or a Laptop Lunchbox, both microwave-friendly and ideally-sized for hardcore lunch packers. After much debating and researching [yes this is SERIOUS], I decided on a Laptop Lunchbox, in pink of course. Since I started using this bento a couple months ago, I’ve been packing healthy foods and have already lost ten pounds! YEAH! It feels so good to eat healthy. Of course it is a struggle, as I do love my booze, burgers and Jack in the Box Cheddar Potato Wedges on a drunken Saturday night. And they ain’t got no bento for that, honeys.
laptop lunch 1

Now, Bento can become an expensive habit if you are truly serious about it. There are tons of accessories like molds, condiment holders and separators to think about. I have a couple of accessories myself, but I don’t mold my food into some scene from The Little Mermaid because I am too lazy and the thought of eating hot pink rice makes me VOM. I appreciate those who do though, as I believe cooking is a form of art, and bento-making is in a class all by itself.

Photo by bento lunch

Aside from saving the world and my health with my bento, I almost always carry a reusable water bottle. I got annoyed at having thirty half-empty water bottles in my backseat all the time. Such a fucking waste. Of course there’s that whole plastic scare as well, so don’t settle on that unsafe pink bottle they sell at the 99. There are several bottle options that adhere to the plastic safety guidelines such as Sigg or Klean Kanteen. The bottle I use is actually from Rite Aid and only about six bucks. I also stopped going to Starfucks every day, and instead have opted to make my own coffee to bring to work. I still have to find a good thermos though, as the one I’m using leaks all over my shit and has a picture of a chicken that says “Our Chickens Don’t Do Drugs.” BLOL. Nubby Twiglet actually has a great and informative post about the pros of using the Sigg thermos to carry her Chai lattes.

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