I wish someone would invent a kind of machine that would scan Polaroids so you wouldn’t have to go through that whole ‘scan, crop, rotate, crop more, stand back, save as and repeat’ routine. Or maybe just a robot to do it. Or maybe I am just a lazy asshole. Anyway, I finally have the Polaroids from Madonna Inn uploaded and ready for viewing. The good ones at least.

Sequined Heaven


I brought four Polaroids cams with me that weekend. My trusty Sun 660, which is the most common and simple out of all my cameras, yet it has also produced my favorite pictures. My Spectra, which didn’t get too much usage since I prefer shooting with it outside and playing with the filters. My Holgaroid, which is also best for outside use, and my SLR 680, which also unfortunately didn’t get too much play. It’s just so simple to grab the Sun 660 when there is complete chaos going on!

Let us peruse together shall we? Let me make you a mimosa…

Dizzy Von Damn! and Robyn Von Swank looking SEXY 4 U



danger danger

and Nicki!


A couple of Miss Von Damn..

Tame Dame


This is a Polaroid that Shaun took of Joz and Dizzy Von Damn. So HOT!

The next morning, Shaun, Robyn and I went to the pool for a morning swim. The Holgaroid was perfect for it.


Magick in the WATER



On the way back home, I forced everyone to make a quick stop in Solvang, the land of mystical delight, so I could venture back to the store I like to call “Jody’s” but is really “the store that time forgot,” where I had found outdated 90’s clothing during the first trip. This time, Jody’s failed me and I was flabbergasted! I tried on a red and blue elastic-waisted jumper as well as a red and black shoulda-padded business suit number but no such luck. DAMN YOU JODY! I will do fifteen-hundred jumping jacks and come back to you my tacky, tacky Solvang love. So instead we had treats and Polas.

YAY! Welcome to Solvang!

Solvang, a Magical Place

So I have this idea (DON’T STEAL IT) of writing a script called “Solvang, Land of Wonder and Mystical Delight” in the key of my favorite show Wonderfalls. Basically it will be about a small tourist town where unexplained phenomena is experienced by one girl who lives there. Okay, so it really is just Wonderfalls part 2. Man, I miss that show.

Actually this show you are watching right now is called “Marie and a Giant Lollipop.”

So sweet


Goodbye Sweet Solvang! Until we meet again…

Muscles – “Ice Cream”