Dear Menz with Chase Lisbon

With summer lovin’ in the air, surely us ladies must be encountering some baffling questions while out and about in the wild frontier of the male species, so who better to act as our personal wingman during this time than a nice fellow from our Dear Menz harem?

Our new Boy Friday is Chase Lisbon, the mastermind behind Supercult. His Flickr photostream displays his talents of using uncanny lighting to make a naked girl in a sketchy hotel room look way more than just a naked girl in a sketchy hotel room. But it was when I saw his list that included the love of Morrissey, cholos, owls, Frankenstein and fantasy battles, I knew this was a guy I wanted to get to know.

In this edition of Dear Menz, Chase takes our weary hand and guides us into the wilderness.

Are you jaded by beautiful women since you are around them all the time? Is it like being a gynecologist in a way where it’s like “Bah, another vagina? Another day, another dollar” ?

Yes, a little. It’s really cut my libido in half. No question there, but it makes life a lot easier. It’s way easier to live when you aren’t constantly looking to get people into bed with you. It’s also helped me realize that NO ONE is perfect and that you can’t keep looking for physical perfection…. it’s like the Holy Grail, and you aren’t going to find it anywhere.

What is the number one deal breaker for you when you are out on a date?

Man… dates… I dislike girls that are rude to waiters or staff, I dislike pointy shoes, I dislike it when girls talk about “bathroom things” or that sort of humor. I have trouble being into a girl if I don’t like the way she dresses… I hate thongs, but it won’t destroy everything… hmmmm… I can’t stand when people are divas and complain about their food or take things back. There’s way more deal breakers than there are deal makers. I have a sort of black heart these days. My love life is best summed up by about 13 of the 69 Love Songs by Magnetic Fields.

How can a girl really tell if a guy likes her?

Well.. If a guy really likes a girl, he’ll buy her little tiny gifts, text a lot, call a lot, need a lot of reassurance, and make up reasons to contact them… especially the gifts… like, it could be anything, something from a 25 cent machine, you know? Just something that says “I was even thinking about you at the grocery store”.

If he doesn’t do any of these things, and he’s only calling her late night once a week, then it’s all just physical.

Cholos love tagging up their heinas. What are your thoughts on hickeys?

Oh man… hahaha…. sometimes I like to give a hickey for fun, but a lot of times I give them by accident in strange places and that can just cause trouble all around.

Since the Internet has made it easier to meet other people nowadays, has it made everyone sluttier?

Everyone is way “sluttier” now for sure, but I don’t know where the blame lays. Maybe it’s just because girls think they need to be a certain way with me, because of my job, or who knows… but things are crazy nowadays.

But definitely girls are growing up, seeing things on the internet that were not standard acts 15 years ago, and maybe they get the impression that that’s the norm. Who knows? I’m not a sexologist…

What do you think about hooking up with exes?

I don’t do it… I’ve only ever done that with “exes” that were “flings”, you know? No one that ever had my heart… I’m against it.

Is it true that white boys like to go down more than any other ethnicity?

I would think so. Everyone I know loves too… nothing can stop us…

What’s the sexiest thing a woman can do that doesn’t involve sex?

It’s all in the eyes…


Thank you Chase for being our eyes in the fog!