Every classy and sassy girl going to the prom needs a corsage right? The usual choices of flowers and ribbons are pretty little things, but a badass homegirl needs a unique wrist corsage that expresses her individuality.

I made my first tacky corsage back in high school. I actually still have it. The ingredients used? A doll head, aluminum foil, some jacks. WTF? Obviously my love for tacky ass shit goes way back. For our second Homegirlz photoshoot, Rucas go to Prom, I revived my corsage-making expertise to bring out the finest in prom girl accessories. What supplies do we need for this lazy crafting adventure?

* Tulle
* Glue Gun
* Ribbons and Bows for the bases – I used big hair clips and violently ripped off the snap barrette part like THE HULK
* Corsage bracelet found at most craft stores
* A bunch of crap from the 99
* ~Your imagination~

Since I am a theme whore, every corsage had to be specially personalized for each of my heinas. For the church-going ruca, a corsage embellished with Catholic imagery was perfect. I found the mini Jesus statue in a 50 cent toy machine. Added a cross and some Virgin Mary pins and there we have it!

Catholic Guilt Corsage

The girly girl ruca loves lip glossin’ and Mariah Carey’s slow jams, so what can be better than butterflies, baby powder pink, and something that spells out just how “sexy” she is? The silver butterflies and “sexy” additions are actually from some cheap earrings and the little white plastic fan is a quinceañera favor.

Sexy Corsage

The bad girl ruca loves nothing more than getting faded on a Saturday night. She even keeps a blunt in her corsage [and a lighter in her bra, of course.]

Blunt Corsage

Does your girl have a favorite cartoon that might even double as her nickname? I took apart a Tweety Bird keychain and added some Mexican Lotería cards and a pink bandanna to compliment my homegirl Tweety’s dress. I love me some Mexican Lotería cards! They are weird and actually kind of scare me for some reason.

Tweety's Corsage and Delishis Nails

There is no hotter combination than Betty Boop and gambling. For my own corsage I took apart a Betty Boop earring, cut up some playing cards and glued on these mini card buttons and came up with this rojo-colored masterpiece.

Betty Boop Gambling Corsage

Just remember homegirls and homeboys, for the Lazy Crafter, all you really need is a glue gun and your imagination and you can make your dreams come true…