Let the Music Play

It had been so long since my Homegirls and I have seen each other. Tweety and her new mang Chuy looked so fuu-ine slow dancing to Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together”. I was so jealous of her acrylic nails and lace gloves, I just wanted to rip them off her.

Tweety and Chuy Loverz

Instead I just straight stole her mang Chuy when she wasn’t looking.

I told you I wuz gonna steal your mang

You better run bitches…

Prom Queen

Sometimes you laugh…sometimes you cry…

smile now kry later

Don’ worry…I ain’t gonna leave you hangin’ without no goodie bag! Listen to this little playlist I set up for chu..then close your eyes and dream with me…


Nocera – “Summertime, Summertime”

Zapp & Roger – “I Want To Be Your Man” [ One of my favorite songs ever, brings me back to some memories *tears*]

Debbie Deb – “Lookout Weekend”

Rosie and The Originals – “Angel Baby”

Stacey Q – “Two of Hearts”

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