Last weekend it was my bff Reyna’s birthday and we spent it running around downtown LA and partying at the Biltmore Hotel, where we celebrated my last birthday as well. The Biltmore Hotel is a majestic place, and is supposedly where the Black Dahlia was last seen. I love old hotels! The smell! The architecture! The chance that some ghost might touch my boob in the middle of the night! It is grand…

Now let us get to this picture heavy post…

Birthday Girl!

Lampshades make great accessories..

The creepy Biltmore pool…a scene from Cruel Intentions was filmed there, FYI hello SEBASTIAN…

Me, Reyna and Casey before Reyna’s party. You got a secretary, a 60’s prom queen and a flapper right here!

The Shaun looking very stylish, as always..

When at the Biltmore, Reyna and I have a tradition of dressing up identically and taking pictures in the hotel hallway, much like an ode to the creepy Shining Twins, but drunk.

From last time:

we will be doing this again in tminus two weeks

And this time [which are way worse]:

Even Liberace had in on the hijinks!! What would you do if he was your conscience…giving you advice on everyday scenarios? Man. I would want him on my right shoulder and PRINCE on my left…IMAGINE!

Reyna, me and miss MIKKAY!

Later that night/early morning, singing Danzig’s Shopping List in the bathtub, resulting in “enormous complaints” by neighboring guests according to hotel security. Woops!

And that concludes today’s episode of your favorite telenovela-variety show,Cochina Puta.

[PS. Excuse my lack of posting! I have seriously been too stressed out and busy to write lately, but hopefully I can cure that soon. 🙁 ]