A couple weeks ago, Leyla and I went to glorious Palm Springs, CA with the expectation of returning with mocachino skin from lazing about by a pool all weekend. Southern California had been recently hit with heat waves so we figured the days spent trapped inside at our desks would pay off once we had a desert paradise at our fingertips. As luck would have it, that was the one weekend of not only May Grey skies, but rain, hail, and a fucking tornado ripping through parts of LA. When we got there, the rain had ceased but the temperature didn’t get much higher than 65 degrees, until the day we left, naturally, when it was over 80. Why I oughta…


However, our trip was very enjoyable because no matter what, there is always a glimmer of hope, a silver lining, an infallible remedy… BOOZE! Not to mention meeting up with some friends and enjoying delicious food [which might actually coerce me into finally doing some Yelp reviews]. Honestly, I can’t give any praise for the nightlife…if there really was any. I did like the bar at the Viceroy though and I loved Mister Parker’s clown paintings/swanky piano decor, although we only went to the Parker for brunch and didn’t experience the bar in motion.

One of the most disappointing things about Palm Springs was the lack of decent shopping. Since the area is known to be a haven for old folks, I thought for sure I would return with some good thrift store finds, but nooo! I’m thinking the treasure troves must be somewhere in the Coachella Valley though, and when I return to avenge my lost tan, I will avenge the thrift stores too. Luckily, there was the nearby Cabazon Outlets where I picked up my favorite new accessory … this white heart Marc Jacobs watch! HELLO.

Remember how I was on the hunt for the perfect vintage-style suit? The one I actually decided on was an Esther Williams brand, Minnie Mouse-type of suit, a red retro cut with white polka dots. I love this suit and was saddened to have only worn it for twenty minutes, until the clouds of doom came rolling in while we were attempting to tan. At least I will be able to wear it this weekend even though I will be at an indoor pool. Will I ever get a goddamn tan!?! I wanna be the filipino ‘Lil Kim! Anyway, Esther Williams was the perfect choice in the end. And it looks like Winona from Daddy Likey agrees!

Here we are enjoying our twenty-minute sunbathing session.

Enjoying croquet and the ironically beautiful weather at the Parker before we left…

At the Parker

First time eating runny eggs since London 2002

Breakfast at The Parker, Palm Springs

Miss Leyla goin’ for a dip

and Corn, who has a grand old time in any type of weather…

And lastly, a fitting song for this story..

Belle and Sebastian – “A Summer Wasting”