My brother, who knows very well of my affinity for owls and obsession with handbags, told me about an owl purse he saw while shopping overseas. Carla Braccialini, an Italian designer, makes some pretty interesting handbags, and her Save the Owl line is pretty wonderful.

Picture 3.png

Too bad it’s something crazy like $ 1,500. If that’s the case, that owl purse better be able to turn into a wizard then conjure me up a plate of cheese fries and a delicious man in front of my very eyes.

Braccialini also produces Vivienne Westwood’s handbag collection. Let’s look at this dreamy one:

I also found some owly goodness at the Maker Faire when Star and I came across the Hambly Studios booth and checked out their amazing variety of silk-screened products. I love baroque wallpaper and chandelier print and they have papers with both those designs and many more. I am kicking myself for not buying them since I was afraid they would get messed up on the flight back, but ordered some online. I did however, bring home this pink birdie rub-on pack that features some really cute owl images and tried it on my Ibook!

Owl Rub-ons

Owlie on me Ibook

I wish it would work on beer coozie material. I have so many undecorated beer coozies from two years ago that still need to be embellished. Stencils? Rhinestones? I still haven’t used that Bedazzler that Lenora gave me for Xmas yet…