How much do I love San Francisco? I love it so much that this past weekend was my fifth time visiting since my first time just one year ago! That city is like a boner of magic and wonder and I will probably end up living there if I can master a windproof hairdo.


I also love it because some of my beautiful and inspiring friends live there, like my Polaroid Apocalypse co-pilot and fellow ladyblogger, Star St. Germain, seen here with her crimson-clothed kindred spirit.

Red Blue Red

My trip up north was actually a somewhat last-minute mission for us to host our first Polaroid Apocalypse massive photoshoot at the Maker Faire. The Maker Faire is basically a gigantic science fair where super geniuses come together to show off the “toys” they made, and these toys are so fascinating and complex that even my out of control, overactive, no-hallucinogenics-needed-imagination could never conjure up anything remotely similar. Like this big skull made of computer parts that sang “I Wanna Be Sedated.” What in the F! And these cupcake cars. MAN! I hate people that can make things. JEALOUZ.

Dessert, anyone?

We were thisclose to missing our train to the fairgrounds on Sunday for the meetup. The split second before our Maker Faire fate was to be decided came straight out of a movie, with Star flying out of the taxi, then convincing the conductor to wait for me as I ran, more like carefully scurried down the steepest flight of stairs in a secretary-esque outfit, polka-dotted suitcase in one hand, Polaroid cameras in the other. IN OUR COMIC BOOK WORLD, I would have tripped and rolled down the stairs like a bowling ball with a bowtie, but thankfully JEJus had my back that time, especially since I was very clumsy all weekend long [I will blame jetlag. Coming from LA.]

I also had a lovely ladies dinner at Miss Mace’s, watched a man juggle flaming torches on a very tall unicycle at an absinthe party, learned how to tie someone up properly a little [thank you very much], toured the new armory and also managed to find an awesome vintage seventies minidress.

As always, I was very sad to leave SF, but I returned with a happy stack of Polaroids to scan which you can see here on PA as well as on my flickr. Even Corn had an awesome time.