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    Artheart Dear Diary

    Dress Me Up in Your Love

    It’s pretty safe to say I was raised on comic books. I grew up with only brothers and my father was, and still is, an avid collector of everything comic-related so during my childhood I developed an equal fondness for Barbie as well as Professor Charles Xavier. These days I still get [cautiously] excited for …

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    Movies Outfits Style

    Late Night Sexin’

    Good morning! I am blogging with one eye open due to my midnight viewing of the Sex and the City movie last night. I’m running on two hours of sleep but have a large coffee in my hand and gold cowboy boots on my hooves which will sustain my superpowers until I can get home, …

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    Movies Style

    This Girl Can’t Help It

    During a recent insomnia-fueled night, I watched The Girl Can’t Help It and as usual fawned over Jayne Mansfield’s memorable outfits, the sparkly red evening gown, the tight brown sweater accented with gold jewelry and topped off with a beret, and the sheer white button blouse with a white bustier underneath. Swooning over these are …

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    Eye Candy Style

    Everybody Loves Hooters

    My brother, who knows very well of my affinity for owls and obsession with handbags, told me about an owl purse he saw while shopping overseas. Carla Braccialini, an Italian designer, makes some pretty interesting handbags, and her Save the Owl line is pretty wonderful. Too bad it’s something crazy like $ 1,500. If that’s …

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    Artheart Travel

    Agent Lover Loves SF

    How much do I love San Francisco? I love it so much that this past weekend was my fifth time visiting since my first time just one year ago! That city is like a boner of magic and wonder and I will probably end up living there if I can master a windproof hairdo. Hello… …