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Dress Me Up in Your Love

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

It’s pretty safe to say I was raised on comic books. I grew up with only brothers and my father was, and still is, an avid collector of everything comic-related so during my childhood I developed an equal fondness for Barbie as well as Professor Charles Xavier. These days I still get [cautiously] excited for the many comic-based movies that are released, am convinced that Oona Goosepimple [of Nancy and Sluggo] is a big reason why I gravitate towards all things strange and spooky, and believe that picking up a Betty and Veronica Double Digest can make you feel a whole lot better after a truly shitty day.

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

Among my stacks of Excaliburs and Archies, you could also find the dog-eared, yellowing pages of a comic book called Katy Keene, which featured the adventures of a raven-haired pinup model from the fifties and sixties. The thing about Katy Keene comics was that since she was a glamorous model, she would always be dressed in fabulous clothing. She was definitely a major inspiration behind my love of both dressing up and the fashion from those eras. Katy, along with other friends like rich bitch Gloria Grandbilt, sibling “Sis the Candy Kid” and even her boyfriends [yes, plural] would have their own paper dolls!

My Favorite Pin Up Comic Katy Keene

Bill Woggon, the creator of Katy Keene, would ask fans to submit wardrobe illustrations, so many of her outfits were designed by the readers themselves! In the eighties, the comic was revived so I had many of the newer ones as well. I also read a lot of Vicki Valentine, another pinup comic character of Bill Woggon’s. It was interesting going through these old comics and seeing how certain elements that were on Katy’s and Vicki’s clothes are the exact kind of details I now use for my own fashion style. I remember being six years old and looking at those panels over and over. Surely all those heart-patterned dresses and big bows must have gotten stuck in my subconscious!
Vicki Valentine Comic Pinup

Vicki Valentine Comic Pinup

A couple of years ago, Archie comics had another Katy comeback, but I haven’t found any of the books, which is fine because I fucking hate the artwork! And they chose to modernize her glam occupation as a “Hollywood celebrity.” BAH.

If you’ve noticed a change on the Pages section on the upper right of my blog, there is something very new and exciting! When I decided to redesign my website last year, I wanted a Paper Doll feature to pay tribute to my love of Katy Keene as well as to accompany the fashion-oriented direction I was going in. I asked the wonderful and amazing Gea to do the artwork. The clothing is from my actual wardrobe and I even have a couple of guest stars. It’s bananas how talented she is. Yay Gea! Be on the lookout for the upcoming interview I have with her also!

Agent Lover Paper Doll

Take a look! You can drag the outfits and accessories to dress me up and click the swatches to change the background. The beautiful brocade and chandelier backgrounds are actually papers from Hambly Screen Prints. I love it so much!

Next up is deciding which Katy Keene paper dolls I want for a tattoo…anybody know a good tattooist for this in SoCal?

Also, present for you!

The Mills Brothers – “Paper Doll”

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Late Night Sexin’

Sex and the City

Good morning! I am blogging with one eye open due to my midnight viewing of the Sex and the City movie last night. I’m running on two hours of sleep but have a large coffee in my hand and gold cowboy boots on my hooves which will sustain my superpowers until I can get home, put on some gigantic granny panties and crawl into bed.

Anyway! Sex and the City! You’ve got two types of women in the world: Those that have watched the whole series and can comfortably reference and relate their own life events to certain episodes: “It was just like the time Samantha masturbated to that sexy priest! All Thornbirds and shit!” This is what we all do in our later twenties and thirties to follow up our earlier life event-referencing to Beverly Hills, 90210 and Saved by the Bell episodes. I know you are feeling me on this. Then you have the group of women who think that Carrie and Co. are just bad examples of modern women. Those ladies have already been rolling their eyes all the way to kingdom come the past few weeks.

My best friend Reyna and I wanted to dress extra flashy, [even though we are overdressed for everything anyway], paying homage to the show’s strong fashion element. Naturally, every other group of gals was dressed up as well, and there should have been a competition for who could wear the highest heels because I’ve never seen that many five-inch stilettos at a movie theater in my life. Usually all you see is Fugg boots and sweatpants. VOM.

Because Halloween is every day, I wanted to dress up like a character, particularly the episode where Samantha spied on Richard wearing a trenchcoat and a black Raquel Welch wig, but I could not get a wig in time. This would have been a nice outfit but a hobo would have probably tried to steal a bite of my kielbasa.

Here is what I wore. I am dogging you mad style. Like my gold wrestling belt?

long hair

I won’t be a jerk and “spoil it for you,” but I will talk quickly about the fashion. There is a fabulous wedding dress montage. Yay Vivienne Westwood! Shoes, shoes, shoes. There was a scene where Carrie is wearing some thigh-high argyle tights. When I saw that, Reyna laughed at my reaction because she says I am a bad liar and my rubberface always reveals my feelings. I did a wide-eyed neck jerk at those thigh-highs. As much as I love argyle socks, thigh-high ones barely belong outside of a slutty Catholic uniform, let along 40-year old Carrie Bradshaw! Then again, it’s Carrie Bradshaw and we must allow her a couple of bad fashion meal tickets for the film. Also, who am I to talk when I will probably be wearing dolly dresses and pink tights at age 53.


I love the bright blue bird hair ornament Carrie wears with her veil. And man, how I love Samantha with her GIANT sunbathing hat during one of my favorite scenes which has her hungrily staring at a naked hunk while eating some chips n’ guac. Overall the movie is HILAR, but has moments of clichéd cinematic cheese, i.e. parts where I laughed when I was probably supposed to be crying. I am a softie though, so there were still plenty of heart-tuggers.

Okay, someone shits their pants. That is my only spoiler for you! Ha! I love Sex and the City. Always so glamorous, yet so very nasty.

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This Girl Can’t Help It

During a recent insomnia-fueled night, I watched The Girl Can’t Help It and as usual fawned over Jayne Mansfield’s memorable outfits, the sparkly red evening gown, the tight brown sweater accented with gold jewelry and topped off with a beret, and the sheer white button blouse with a white bustier underneath. Swooning over these are pretty much a given, but there was also a minor character who caught my attention: the cigarette girl. You know, the one who took off her cigarette tray and danced a jig with Tom Ewell’s character.

When I was younger, I loved seeing pillbox hat-wearing cigarette ladies on the silver screen. I wanted to be one, second to my choice of being a maestro, which was apparent when I used to mock the church choir conductor and pretend I was waving around a baton all throughout mass. Oh snap! Mr. Holland’s Opus up in there.


Anyway, Miu Miu’s Spring 2008 designs came to mind when I watched that scene, perhaps because of the puffy short skirt.



I realized I need to get me a cigarette lady-inspired outfit to match my beautiful new, high heels from the wonderland known as Target. Hello mommas….

Mmm, I love those shoes. Now the problem with getting a Miu Miu skirt is that it’s four hundred bones! I think it is time to sound the dressmaker alarm again. I am so [sew] jealous all of you people who can make their own clothes. When I was in Girl Scouts, I was way more into choreographing a dance routine paroding NKOTB’s “The Right Stuff” than learning how to sew. You should see the “dish purse” I made once. Not exactly top of the line.

I am also digging that red flower tied around her ankle. I did the same sort of thing once, but with a red bow of course. Adds a cute little detail. I’m so fucking costume-y. What if one of these days I start wearing Big Dog shirts and khaki pants? Or maybe it’s making up for later on in life when I open my Happy Panda Nude Colony for Senior Citizens..

Here’s a present for you!

Little Richard- “The Girl Can’t Help It”

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Dear Diary – Dreaming of the Silver Screen

Cinematic Dreams

This was around the time I discovered my brother’s video camera and was really into “making movies.” I found some script I wrote with a logo on the back that says “Unipeg Productions.” Unipegs [Unicorn/Pegasus in case you don't know] can kick the asses of any other fantasy hybrid animals, FYI.

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Everybody Loves Hooters

My brother, who knows very well of my affinity for owls and obsession with handbags, told me about an owl purse he saw while shopping overseas. Carla Braccialini, an Italian designer, makes some pretty interesting handbags, and her Save the Owl line is pretty wonderful.

Picture 3.png

Too bad it’s something crazy like $ 1,500. If that’s the case, that owl purse better be able to turn into a wizard then conjure me up a plate of cheese fries and a delicious man in front of my very eyes.

Braccialini also produces Vivienne Westwood’s handbag collection. Let’s look at this dreamy one:

I also found some owly goodness at the Maker Faire when Star and I came across the Hambly Studios booth and checked out their amazing variety of silk-screened products. I love baroque wallpaper and chandelier print and they have papers with both those designs and many more. I am kicking myself for not buying them since I was afraid they would get messed up on the flight back, but ordered some online. I did however, bring home this pink birdie rub-on pack that features some really cute owl images and tried it on my Ibook!

Owl Rub-ons

Owlie on me Ibook

I wish it would work on beer coozie material. I have so many undecorated beer coozies from two years ago that still need to be embellished. Stencils? Rhinestones? I still haven’t used that Bedazzler that Lenora gave me for Xmas yet…

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On the Search For the Perfect Retro Bathing Suit

After experiencing a chilly San Francisco weekend and now the current southern California ‘May Grey’, I am looking forward to having me a little desert getaway in a few weeks, lounging by the pool with a margarita in one hand and a penis colada in the other. All I need is a new bathing suit! When I visualize the perfect glamorous poolside look, I immediately think of Marilyn Monroe in her classy one-piece swimsuits.


Since vintage swimwear is crazy hot this season, finding the perfect replica retro swimsuit is a piece of cake. The only thing difficult is deciding which one to get!

Retro Suits

1. I ain’t got nothing but love for a classic gingham print, but this Delia’s black and white suit doesn’t do it for me. Perhaps if it was a smaller checkered pattern it would be better. I think it looks too busy, almost like a Magic Eye bathing suit.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this red n’ white hearts one, also from Delia’s, but HATE the cut. First of all, it doesn’t have that vintage bottom, and secondly I don’t like the side cutout on it even if it reminds of a Betty and Veronica comic I used to read where Betty had a job as a swimsuit model and was on the beach every day in a new suit. She even had one with a side cutout like that. Veronica was so jealouz. Anyway, Delias, why have you forsaken me!?

3. Pinup Girl Clothing has some great bathing suits. If you like leopard print, this one will look perfect with some red wedges. Hello, Rawr.

4. Daddyo’s Clothing carries a couple of pieces from Stop Staring, including this adorable baby blue and white polkadot one. I love the eyelet detail on it!

5. I apologize in advance for putting that ‘Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini’ song in your head. It’s in mine too so don’t worry, we can suffer together. At least it’s not Sean Kingston’s “Beautiful Girls” stuck in there. AAAH! Anyway, this Lux suit is very cute. It’s not a bikini, but a lot of fun nonetheless. Urban Outfitters has even more one-pieces, including tons of retro-style ones to look at here.

6. Being a sailor’s daughter, the nautical look will never get old to me, so I naturally love this Rock Steady navy blue anchor bathing suit. My only problem is I don’t think I would like those tan lines too much. Yikes.

I told you trying to decide on a swimsuit was tough! My indecisive Libran mind now has a fashion headache. Someone make me a martini, extra dirty, STAT!

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My Obsession With Red Shoes

There were a couple of things I would constantly sneak off to look at in the back room patio when I was a kid. The first was a chocolate lollipop titty my mom kept in the mini-fridge for seven years. It was sloppily half-wrapped in foil due to my frequent showings to friends during family parties. We would giggle at the chocolate tit until one year there was a mysterious bite in it.

The second thing I would always look at was a hardcover book of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales, particularly the story of The Red Shoes. If you are not familiar with the story, it is about a poor little girl who wore a pair of fancy red shoes to church, which was scandalous to do so. During mass all she did was think about her sexy red shoes. Gawd then got pissed off and made those red shoes become all voodoo Riverdance. The shoes wouldn’t come off and she breakdanced all over the village until she couldn’t take it anymore and begged an executioner to chop off her feet with a big axe.

This story is so twisted, I do not even know why my eight-year old ass would read it all the time. Did you guys know I was REALLY shy during that age? Anyway, it obviously gave me a red shoe obsession because I have acquired about ten pairs over the years.

Red is one of my favorite colors and I wear it on my lips and clothes, collect red handbags, sleep underneath a red comforter and write on a red desk, but red shoes specifically remind me of being a kid and reading that book all the time.

Does anybody else have some crazy nostalgic-fueled obsession with a clothing item? Please don’t tell me I’m the only one!

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Agent Lover Loves SF

How much do I love San Francisco? I love it so much that this past weekend was my fifth time visiting since my first time just one year ago! That city is like a boner of magic and wonder and I will probably end up living there if I can master a windproof hairdo.


I also love it because some of my beautiful and inspiring friends live there, like my Polaroid Apocalypse co-pilot and fellow ladyblogger, Star St. Germain, seen here with her crimson-clothed kindred spirit.

Red Blue Red

My trip up north was actually a somewhat last-minute mission for us to host our first Polaroid Apocalypse massive photoshoot at the Maker Faire. The Maker Faire is basically a gigantic science fair where super geniuses come together to show off the “toys” they made, and these toys are so fascinating and complex that even my out of control, overactive, no-hallucinogenics-needed-imagination could never conjure up anything remotely similar. Like this big skull made of computer parts that sang “I Wanna Be Sedated.” What in the F! And these cupcake cars. MAN! I hate people that can make things. JEALOUZ.

Dessert, anyone?

We were thisclose to missing our train to the fairgrounds on Sunday for the meetup. The split second before our Maker Faire fate was to be decided came straight out of a movie, with Star flying out of the taxi, then convincing the conductor to wait for me as I ran, more like carefully scurried down the steepest flight of stairs in a secretary-esque outfit, polka-dotted suitcase in one hand, Polaroid cameras in the other. IN OUR COMIC BOOK WORLD, I would have tripped and rolled down the stairs like a bowling ball with a bowtie, but thankfully JEJus had my back that time, especially since I was very clumsy all weekend long [I will blame jetlag. Coming from LA.]

I also had a lovely ladies dinner at Miss Mace’s, watched a man juggle flaming torches on a very tall unicycle at an absinthe party, learned how to tie someone up properly a little [thank you very much], toured the new armory and also managed to find an awesome vintage seventies minidress.

As always, I was very sad to leave SF, but I returned with a happy stack of Polaroids to scan which you can see here on PA as well as on my flickr. Even Corn had an awesome time.

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Double Agent Diptych

i think they are related, originally uploaded by sorrydad.

Hello comrades! I am back from my Polaroidin’ in SF and will have a proper blog post later after I scan the million polaroids Star and I took! This double agent diptych brought to you by sorrydad!

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Mass Polaroid Shoot at Maker Faire


I am in San Francisco with the lovely Miss Star! We will be at the Maker Faire this Sunday for a mass Polaroid shoot for Polaroid Apocalypse! Bay Area friends, bring your camera and if you don’t have one, fear not, I shall be fully stocked with film!

Polaroid Apocalypse Mass Polaroid Shoot!!

Shake it one more time!
Mass Polaroid shoot!

Maker Faire
San Mateo Fairgrounds
Sunday May 4th
12:00 NOON
@ The Mousetrap

Bring your polaroid, film, props, costumes & your lovely self!

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