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    That Whorish Letter U

    Earlier this week I caught the She & Him show at the Vista and I was beyond impressed by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s stage performance. I’ve already spoken of my love for them before, but after seeing them live I have been listening to their album Volume 1, nonstop [in between Morrissey and horny …

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    Eye Candy Photoshoots

    Frolicking in the Gardens

    This weekend, Leyla, Casey and I ventured off to the beautiful Huntington Gardens to do some shooting in the boobsweat 100-degree weather. I love my new Polaroid Spectra filter set. Double Trouble indeed! I’ve also been shooting with the Holgaroid a lot since scoring a bunch of film on Ebay recently. Casey reminds me of …

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    Mi Vida Loca

    Dog vs. Blog

    Why I haven’t been blogging as frequently lately…I fell in love! Meet Mr. Shankly! I picked up this lil guy from the airport last weekend and we have been joined at the hip ever since. He’s a french bulldog/boston terrier mix. My brother and his wife are taking it back with them overseas but this …

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    Fashion Boner Friday

    1. H&M’s tribute to 60’s design house Marimekko recently came out, but I still haven’t been able to check it out in person. While the prints are cute and perfect for being Sprung on Spring or giving a Hummer for Summer [I’m so cochino], I’m not completely stoked on the whole collection, only because I …

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    Eye Candy

    Flickr Favorites

    1. eskimo love <3, 2. Viddy me this, 3. 04-06-08 sock garter impression jason, 4. Stepho Makes All Happy, 5. l’insostenibile leggerezza dell’ESSERE, 6. Los B.J. Brothers – Angel Mia Danna, 7. Thanks Melt!!, 8. Kake invades my childhood, 9. ´, 10. ´, 11. Dry Seal in front of Wet Seal, 12. Time Travel, 13. …

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    Fishnets and Apple Pie

    I tried getting in on the Muxtape mania like everyone else but the site hates me for some reason. So when I saw that Gea posted a mix using Mixtwit on her new film blog, A Beautiful Fraud Called Cinema I tried making one and was happy it didn’t freeze my laptop like the other …

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    Dear Menz With Special Guest Donny Vomit

    Welcome to the second edition of “Dear Menz” where I ask the menz a variety of penetrating questions to help us ladies find the thugz of our dreams… Not only is Coney Island awesome because it is The Warriors‘ home turf, but because it’s where you can find Donny Vomit, from Coney Island’s Sideshows by …

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    Wanderlust Video

    Bjork’s new video for “Wanderlust,” directed by Encyclopedia Pictura, is AMAZING! I’m so excited since it’s my favorite song off of Volta. I want to see the 3D version on the big screen so bad so I can curl up into a little ball, cry like a baby and roll away. The 3D version debuts …