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That Whorish Letter U


Earlier this week I caught the She & Him show at the Vista and I was beyond impressed by Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward’s stage performance. I’ve already spoken of my love for them before, but after seeing them live I have been listening to their album Volume 1, nonstop [in between Morrissey and horny gangsta rap of course.]

The duo easily takes on a variety of genres, acting as tour guides of my childhood music nostalgia. Yes, I know Jenny Lewis already became that country-crooning indie princess we know and love, and Zooey not only masters that angle as well, but she also brings back 60′s girl group sound. And if there is anything I want to make a comeback it is 60′s girl group sound. It’s just what we need, isn’t it? And if it does become the in thing, where can I find two other ladies who will tease their hair and harmoniously “ooooh” with me just like the time I wanted to sing “Leader of the Pack” at the seventh grade talent show?

The real ultimate for me was their cover of Smokey Robinson’s “You Really Got a Hold on Me.” When I first heard that cover, I automatically visualized a red octopus grabbing a black dude with its tentacles. What the f, I know. Then I realized it was from a Sesame Street memory. With a little Goog, I found out it wasn’t an octopus at all, but that whorish letter “U” molesting Smokey himself.


That would always leave me feeling weird for some reason. Listen to She & Him’s version and tell me how that makes you feel.
She & Him – “You Really Got a Hold On Me”

EDIT: I figured out why I have that red octopus memory! It’s from this Beatles cartoon, instead with the song “I Wanna Hold Your Hand.” Funny how memories fuse together like that!

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Frolicking in the Gardens

This weekend, Leyla, Casey and I ventured off to the beautiful Huntington Gardens to do some shooting in the boobsweat 100-degree weather.


I love my new Polaroid Spectra filter set. Double Trouble indeed!

Every Man's Fantasy

sleeping cats


I’ve also been shooting with the Holgaroid a lot since scoring a bunch of film on Ebay recently.


Spoonful of Sugar

Casey reminds me of Mary Poppins here, especially since she is wearing a very Poppins-style vintage hat that ties in the front. That girl has the best vintage pieces!

Ello Casey Poppins

Polaroid Apocalypse in full force you muthas! Let’s go crazy and shoot each other. OMG.

Love Your Panda friend,

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Dog vs. Blog

Why I haven’t been blogging as frequently lately…I fell in love!

Meet Mr. Shankly!

I picked up this lil guy from the airport last weekend and we have been joined at the hip ever since. He’s a french bulldog/boston terrier mix. My brother and his wife are taking it back with them overseas but this whole week we have been enjoying a whirlwind romance together. My dresses have been permeated with the scent of puppy perfume but I don’t mind. He is the best.

To the moon, Mr. Shankly!

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Fashion Boner Friday

Fashion Boner Friday

1. H&M’s tribute to 60′s design house Marimekko recently came out, but I still haven’t been able to check it out in person. While the prints are cute and perfect for being Sprung on Spring or giving a Hummer for Summer [I'm so cochino], I’m not completely stoked on the whole collection, only because I don’t think many of the silhouettes would be flattering on my figure. The two pieces up there are very pretty, though. I will give it a chance and head into an H&M soon. I wonder how the collection is doing, saleswise?

2. I still love the white frilly dress look lately. If you have an extra c-note or so, this BCBG dress is pretty sexy. If not, save your cash moneys for a trip to Vegas and pick up this ‘lil number at good ol’ Forev’ for less than $30.

3. Speaking of the Forevs, gladiator sandals are all over the place lately. I’m not sure if my “Platypus Foot” [ that's a sweet nickname I received from an old friend named Mark back in the rave days] would look good in them but I might get these delicious gold ones from there so I won’t have to drop much dinero. Yes, they will probably last about two days with my freestyle walking, but that’s fine. I am all about gold and white since my plan is to tan a bit this summer and that shit looks J-Lo dope with a tan. Well, I really just want to get my legs and boobs to match with my dark ass arms. Sometimes it’s so sad being a Patchwork Man with thirty different mestiza skin tones.

4. I spent last weekend in Santa Monica with Miss Leylabot from Culture Mash and we spotted this ADORABLE panda bikini while shopping. So kawaii! I wish they made a fifties style bathing suit with a panda print. I would do a somersault and fifteen jumping jacks of pure joy.

5. The print on this Velvet Torch dress is gorgeous. This is another one of those perfect tea party dresses. Just get some strappy pink heels and put your ‘do in victory rolls, a pearl necklace [not that kind] and it’s champagne kisses and Alouette dreams!

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Flickr Favorites

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Fishnets and Apple Pie

Fishnets and Apple Pie

I tried getting in on the Muxtape mania like everyone else but the site hates me for some reason. So when I saw that Gea posted a mix using Mixtwit on her new film blog, A Beautiful Fraud Called Cinema I tried making one and was happy it didn’t freeze my laptop like the other site did. I have had some mixes planned for some time now, including a list of “hit songs” from my fifth grade diary! Oh brother. So hopefully this method will be the one for me. It’s so cute too!

Fishnets and Apple Pie is a mini-mix featuring lady singers from eras long ago, songs and artists I grew up listening my mom sing along to, and some goodies that make you want to tease your hair and bake a nice apple pie…It’s pretty much a total Agent Lover soundtrack, if I wasn’t allowed to put any Bjork songs on it!

L’ agent secret – Petula Clark
Sunshine and Lollipops – Lesley Gore
Never on a Sunday – Connie Francis
How Much is That Doggy in the Window – Doris Day
The Tennessee Waltz – Patti Page
Big Spender – Peggy Lee
Buttons and Bows – Dinah Shore
The Lady in Red – Abbe Lane
Beir Mir Bist Du Schon - The Andrews Sisters
Button Up Your Overcoat – Helen Kane


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The Tragic End of Your Dirty Hotel Room Polaroids

Here I am! Did you miss me? I’m back with a present. A present in the form of an APOCALYPSE. I’m sure you’ve heard that Polaroid is going to stop making their instant film by the end of next year. As you can imagine I have been upset by this. Not only has Polaroid been one of the best party favors throughout many intoxicated escapades, but it has also been a way for me to churn out some whimsical instant gratification.

Upon hearing this terrible news, I decided to come up with a new photography project to last until the end of Polaroid, or at least until the end of my film stash.

Enter Polaroid Apocalypse! The project is inspired by the idea of completing that special “list” before you die. The List is actually in the form of photographic themes, varying from self-portraits to recreating a scene from your favorite film. You can upload any ‘roids, new or old, but the project is ultimately designed to help find ways to use up your last film packs since now every shot really counts! For the next year or so, I will be here in the corner, completing the List and crying for the days long gone of drunkenly wasting film on costumed crotches.

Also bittersweetly celebrating this armageddon is one of my favorite people in the universe, Jim Lucio aka Defekto, who I have had the pleasure of interviewing before. His new blog, The Last Days of Polaroid, chronicles the ideas behind his last shots , which are already starting off unforgettably.

If you are a big Polaroid lover as myself, please join us! I also want to take as many Polaroids of people as I can until the end so if that tickles your fancy, please let me know. I might make you wear a Hello Kitty mask or be straddled by a giant corn wearing fishnets though, just a ‘lil warning.

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Dear Menz With Special Guest Donny Vomit

Dear Menz with Donny Vomit

Welcome to the second edition of “Dear Menz” where I ask the menz a variety of penetrating questions to help us ladies find the thugz of our dreams…

Not only is Coney Island awesome because it is The Warriors‘ home turf, but because it’s where you can find Donny Vomit, from Coney Island’s Sideshows by the Seashore. He first aroused my ladyboner during a visit to the sideshow in 2006. Donny was nice enough to take time from juggling chainsaws and hammering nails into his face to let us have a peek into his fascinating man brain. I am also proud to say I resisted any potential urges to drop a sword-swallower pickup line during this interrogation. I’m sure he’s heard them all!

What kind of date would you take a girl on if you were broke?

Just hit the town in Coney. Grab a dog at Nathans Hotdogs, hit the arcades and have our fortunes told by Grandma the antique fortune teller machine. Talk some roustabouts into rides on the Wonder Wheel and the Cyclone. Go for a swim out on the beach. Then grab a beer back at our bar at the sideshow.

How freaky can a sideshow freak get in the sack?

Whips, chains, straitjackets, swords and beds of nails are all floating around my room, but when it comes to the end of the day sometimes you want to leave the tools of the trade behind and enjoy what draws most into the sideshow in the first place. The exploration of something new and exciting.

What shouldn’t a girl do to get a guy’s attention?

Do not, I repeat DO NOT carve a man’s name into your chest flesh, especially when he doesn’t know your name.

Give me that one Missed Connections Craigslist ad you wish you had posted.

Oh subway accordion girl, where did you go? We could have ran away and started our own circus on some tropical beach. If you ever make your way back to New York just jump on a train to the end of the world in Coney Island where your carny boy will be waiting.

What’s your stance on pubes? Bald as a basketball or big ol’ jungle bush?

Keep it short, keep it clean. My mustache doesn’t like competition.

Who is in your dream threesome?

The Hilton sisters, not Paris and Nicky but the original Hilton sisters, Daisy and Violet.

What is the number one dealmaker when you are out on a date?

A girl has to enjoy a rollercoaster, and not be too disturbed by a man who found a way to make a living picking his nose.

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve gotten laid?

In the ocean.

Thank you Donny for being the second Menz to graciously answer my puzzling and perverted queries! And friends, if you are ever in Coney Island, stop by Sideshows by the Seashore to say hello to Donny and to be entertained!

Also, If you missed the first edition of Dear Menz with Michael Ian Black you can catch it here.

[Donny V Photo by David Sacks]

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Wanderlust Video

WANDERLUST VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bjork’s new video for “Wanderlust,” directed by Encyclopedia Pictura, is AMAZING! I’m so excited since it’s my favorite song off of Volta. I want to see the 3D version on the big screen so bad so I can curl up into a little ball, cry like a baby and roll away. The 3D version debuts online later this month and if you don’t already have some 3D glasses laying around [which every person should] you can get some sent to you!



God I love Bjork.

Screencaps via Pitchfork.

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