Happy First Day of Spring! This usually means everyone is starting to get more horn than usual. It also means that the weather is getting a bit warmer so we can break out our picnic baskets and roll around in some hay. It also means it’s time for some new dresses! I have already found some of the key items on my spring shopping list. A white eyelet dress, check! I found one for twelve dollars due to my expert bargain shopping ways. I’m also loving creme lately, an obvious rebellion against my black wardrobe.

crazy for creme

The Jovovich-Hawk line at Target has a couple of nice creme-colored dresses, although the one on the right might look a little too Renaissance Fair-ish if you don’t work it the right way. I decided on the first one. It’s flowy and very feminine and looks nice if you have a tan, or even if only the upper half of your body is dark, like the arms of yours truly.


I know what you are thinking. “Natalie Portman again?!! You obsessed bitch!” I swear it is only a coincidence that Natalie is haunting my posts. Unless this is one of those things where I “joke” about having a crush on someone then it turns real. That has happened way too many times in my life, it’s not even funny. Anyway, I really want this hot pink dress/gold strappy shoes combo. I used to have the best gold strappy shoes until they broke from all of my freestyle walking so I am now on the search for the perfect pair. Something sexy and comfy that doesn’t cost a million doll-hairs.

As far as a sexy pink dress this Sarah Berman one is adorable with the triple bows, but way over my budget.

sarah berman triple bow 444

What’s on your Spring Wish List?