It took a long time for Penelope to come out to theaters, and when it finally did I was afraid it was going to be too cheesy even for me, but it did look sweet and I love Christina Ricci, although yes, I also long for her curvy, dark-haired days. The added bonus was the presence of James McAvoy, who has been stroking my ladyboner lately. The whole film is a feast for the eyes of us whimsy addicts. I thought it was a lovely cross between the charming aesthetic of Amelie and the fairytale extravagance of a Tim Burton film, come to find out later Michel Amathieu, the cinematographer from Amelie, actually worked on it!

Penelope Movie

My favorite scenes are in Penelope’s bedroom, where Mark Ryden paintings hang on the walls, bookcases are filled with first editions, and encased exotic plants allow her to be entertained while hidden away from the public for twenty-five years. I adored Penelope’s style, which is colorful and quirky enough to be considered eccentric for her blue-blooded upbringing, but would fit perfectly within the folds of Wardrobe Remix. You almost want to assume she’s been in her room all this time reading Lula, looking at street-style blogs and ordering everything from Anthropologie.



Rich colors envelop her wardrobe; deep purples, greens and reds all helped to perpetuate the fanciful theme. She had fabulous coats, which is one of my greatest fashion weaknesses, and there was one scene where she had on a turquoise coat with matching tights and shoes! More human Crayolas! I love it. Her trademark purple overcoat with mismatched buttons, patterned scarf and pig mask should be mimicked for this year’s Halloween as it actually was in the movie. Even James McAvoy, whose every scene in the film caused me to mutter breathy “Hellos” and “mmm, Delicious” like the pervert I am, looked up to par style-wise in his pinstriped blazer and overall down-and-out, dirty boy chic, a far cry from his clean cut look when he boned Kiera Knightley against that bookcase in Atonement [Hello best non-nude sex scene EVER]. The whole time I fantasized about giving that dirty ol’ ruffneck a sponge bath with a loofah and some Dove soap.

I wish there had been more dialogue-focused scenes between Ricci and McAvoy as they had a very cute repartee during earlier parts. Christina as a pig-nosed Blythe doll is perfect as Penelope. She’s a lil’ hottie! And she totally could have made some pretty lace mini veils to cover up her snout in the real world. It would be the new fashion trend.


Penelope is basically a cute film with an assortment of eye candy that also makes you feel happy. It’s safe enough to take your little sister to and you won’t feel ashamed having enjoyed it. Unlike that one time I stayed home on a Friday night and “accidentally” watched High School Musical 1 and 2… aiiii how embarrassing.