I like Chloe Sevigny. She’s unique, talented and always refreshing…though I’m not too crazy about her designs for New York City store, Opening Ceremony. Don’t get me wrong, I try very much to be fair-minded about fashion, and my favorite thing to ask myself is “Can I rock this shit?” The answer for Chloe’s line is, “Maybe if I hopped in a DeLorean going back to 1991.”

I Love the 90's Starring Chloe Sevigny

Many of these outfits would be perfect for the lovely ladies of Beverly Hills, 90210, or any of our other favorite late ’80’s to early ’90’s sitcoms. I can see both Kelly Taylor and Blossom Russo fighting over that leather biker cap/ black dress ensemble. Blossom’s BFF “Six” would be right over with the latest gossip wearing that floral midriff top and skirt getup. Kelly Kapowski would give Zack Morris a boner wearing those flowery cigarette pants with matching halter top. If there was a female Duckie in Pretty in Pink, she would definitely be dancing to Otis in that ‘lil pink tuxedo and creepers outfit. The look on the bottom far right would have been perfect for Janet Jackson’s backup dancers in “Escapade.” I really could go on and on.

However, since I can find something I like anywhere, [such as in a strange outdated store in Solvang, CA- more on that in a future post], I will say I like those shoes in the top farthest left corner, even though I’m not sure if those are part of the collection. I also like that high-waisted gingham skirt with the white top.

I have to hand it to her, she does have a very distinct and extraordinary fashion sense. SHE can totally rock that shit. But for a collection, I don’t find it accessible to most people. It’s too literal. And you can find these same items at your local Goodwill, though these are sans mothball and urine stank.

Still, it does put a smile on my face and a giggle in my heart. And I bet she had a lot of fun making it and I do like this small shout-out to our favorite mang, Morrissey:

whoa whoa whoa

More of the collection is here.

[Lots of love to Leylabot for the heads up!]