One Word Movie Review- The Other Boleyn Girl

I actually have a few more words to say about this movie, especially because the costumes were breathtaking. I wish French hoods would be acceptable for everyday wear. Sigh.

The “B” necklace that Anne Boleyn wore in the film was worn by the controversial queen in real life. It will probably be a popular trend in accessories this year, bringing back the personalized name/initial jewelry, but with a Tudors-influenced spin on it. Ugly Betty has been sporting it for a while, but her character obviously doesn’t have the same trend-starting powers as let’s say, Carrie Bradshaw. I can’t hate on that necklace, I think it looked pretty cute on Natalie Portman. It’s probably easy to make too, unless you have an extra $200 laying around you can get it here. In a few weeks I’m sure it will be popping up all over Etsy as well.

And now, more of every man’s fantasy, and strangely enough, mine…