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    Monsters and Mimosas

    Easter was lovely, relaxing, and we had perfectly warm weather. I spent the earlier part of the day making vampire cupcakes while Edith Piaf played in the background. Baking while listening to her has to be one of the most calming combinations next to drinking champagne in a hot tub. I got the idea for …

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    Whimsy Candy

    I love these photos from Italian expresso company Lavazza’s 2008 calendar. This year’s feature, shot by Scottish photographer Finlay Mackay, is “dedicated to important, aristocratic and determined women, women who feel like queens – in other words, all women. It shows an enchanted and precious world in which queens are surrounded by jewelry, silk, velvet …

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    Flickr Favorites

    1. inspiration, 2. ellen von unwerth, 3. The Moribund Tree, 4. Carolyn-guine, 5. 0320080003.jpg, 6. ل دكتور يكو, 7. love pop, 8. Why Lucy?, 9. Natasha Presents: The Shining, 10. Hammer Time, 11. lucky, 12. Untitled, 13. frredy munstro, 14. cupcake, 15. Cartoon dress, 16. P2170175, 17. DEFEKTO, in the Red Light District, 18. Untitled, …

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    Obsess With Me

    I Hate Lost

    Dear Lost, I fucking hate you. You make me want to tear out my hair and glue it to my face you are so goddamn good. When I watch you I get so worked up and want to scream to the high heavens. I know I am an asshole and missed a whole season and …

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    Sprung on Spring

    Happy First Day of Spring! This usually means everyone is starting to get more horn than usual. It also means that the weather is getting a bit warmer so we can break out our picnic baskets and roll around in some hay. It also means it’s time for some new dresses! I have already found …

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    Obsess With Me

    Current Stupid Obsessions

    1. Lifetime – In high school I was really obsessed with Lifetime Original Movies. They are trashy romance novels come to life. I still have conversations with kindred spirits about “the one where Kellie Martin was all obsessed with Tori Spelling and started wearing her cheerleader jacket” and “the one where Fred Savage beat up …