Madonna Inn Photoshoot

My friends and I have always found simple joy in dressing up in costumes, props in hand, for out-of-town hotel photoshoots, so naturally we have wanted to visit the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The Madonna Inn is a magnificently gaudy hotel with over a hundred rooms, all with various themed decor. I was able to book The Crystal Room, which is an explosion of pinks and golds, and even had pink velvet-flocked wallpaper! If Liberace and Barbie had a baby, it would be The Crystal Room.

I had a few key looks in mind, and the post-Valentine’s Day sales helped with acquiring the right props.

Candy is Dandy

Raspberry Fingers


We had such a wonderful time even though there were certain factors going against us: crap weather, a two-hour power outage, ghosts!, being sick, no food aside from cookies, and a chorus of frogs outside the window. I can’t wait to go back. In fact, I have started a personal mission of doing a themed photoshoot in every single one of the rooms at the Madonna Inn. A hefty goal indeed but I have faith! Wouldn’t that be amazing?


1 Star { 02.27.08 at 1:03 pm }

Dude, can I come with next time? This looks like a blast!

2 EJ { 02.28.08 at 2:57 pm }

these photos are freaking awesome! i seriously need to get me a pink afro…

3 klaus { 02.29.08 at 12:16 pm }

I want to see more pics of the girl with the pink afro. I also want to know if she has a mini pink afro down below. Thanks!

4 vayaya wetchon { 03.02.08 at 3:32 pm }

lil pinche, cochino…..(klaus)
cherie marie you forgets the most importante’ part, los powers was out for like 2 hours!aye’

5 Dr. Cthuhlu { 03.03.08 at 6:22 am }

You and all your tons of fun are too much! <3<3<3

6 Ashe Mischief { 03.03.08 at 1:27 pm }

You gals are totally the types I’d want to be friends with! What fun. What glorious wigs!

7 thejoyofsound { 03.04.08 at 12:40 am }

Woooah! I’m going to be staying at the Madonna Inn on April 3rd in the Madonna Suite. Now I’m wishing I’d gotten the Crystal room!

Ghosts you say??

8 marie { 03.04.08 at 3:32 am }

Hi everyone! Maybe you can all come to our next photoshoot. We can do an Eyes Wide Shut theme. HELLO

@Ashe Mischief- Come on over! We always got room for more!

9 marie { 03.04.08 at 3:33 am }

@vayaya- Oh crap! I will edit.

@joy of sound- yes….very very scary/weird things. I will have to note you about it!

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