Poupee Doll

Thanks to Gea, I haven’t been able to log out of this website I joined called Poupee Girl. Forget about your girly addiction to Polyvore, once you start dressing your Poupee doll you will forget about all your other websites. Or maybe that’s just me.

Picture 1

Poupee, which means “doll” in French, is basically a virtual way of playing paperdolls, [which I naturally love, seeing that I will have my own paperdoll game on here soon!] except you can customize them to your very own likeness. Ribbons are the cash money of the Poupee world, which you can earn through various methods: uploading personal pictures of clothing, accessories, and dolls, commenting on other people’s personal items, and selling your Poupee items to other people. After earning your ribbons, you can “shop” at the marketplace. You can then dress your Poupee doll up daily and take “snapshots”. Here is my page.

The math I know

Are you still there? Have I lost you? Do I sound like one of those RPG nerds that I never thought I would be?

Anyway, because the site is Japanese there are still a few things I am confused about, but once you start playing around with it you will pretty much get the hang of it. It reminds me of the time three years ago when a friend and I traveled outside of L.A. to encounter the magic that is Purikura and all of the instructions were solely in Japanese. We had to do it by trial and error but came up with masterpieces such as this:

So remember, where there is a will there is a way! With some Googling I have found a few helpful Poupee communities. Flickr has two here and here. And there is also a really good community on livejournal.

As with any social networking type of site, some type of drama is always guaranteed. Over at Poupee, you’re not supposed to upload pictures that weren’t taken by yourself. I even saw some warning message that said “ Moreover, I will punish severely when such an act comes to light.” YIKES! I wouldn’t want to offend the Poupee suits if I were you. Of course there are a few people that are blinded by ribbon greed and will label a freakin’ My Little Pony under the Tarina Tarantino brand, which you know my ass pointed out to her in a flash. Fakers. Why you gotta lie? Remember, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”


If any of you ladies want to join this kawaii kult, please tell me so I can send you an invite. If you sign up that way we BOTH get thirty ribbons each. OMG obsessed.