With February already here, long-awaited fashion and makeup collaborations will finally make their way to some of us who’ve been reading about them for months.
First off, I’ve been waiting to see what Milla Jovovich has planned for her Jovovich-Hawk line debuting at Target [as part of their GO International series] on March 2. When I first saw the sneak peek of the line I wasn’t too impressed, as I like to dress like I’m five years old and most of the prints are laid-back California girl chic, but there are a few pieces that I will check out when it hits the store. This eyelet dress looks perfect for a Spring pic-a-nic.


And this cream-colored number looks fitting for that tea party I someday plan to have…


Although the last thing I need is another black dress, I am digging the detail on the bottom. [Photos via Target.com]


In a couple weeks the Fafi/MAC Cosmetics collaboration will be coming out! And look how pretty it is!


I can’t wait to get my hands on some of that, especially since I had to throw away a bunch of eye makeup because of an eye infection I had [VOM, I know]. Her line is said to debut on Valentine’s Day. That’s gonna be a nice present to the one I love most. ME!


[photos via Fafi’s podcast.

And don’t forget Heatherette’s MAC line is also coming out in March!

heatherette for mac

[Photo via Spektra.]

Better save your pennies putanas! [I first wrote penis instead of pennies there. Aiiiii!]