cap ou pas cap

I was recommended a film by a friend the other day called Jeux d’enfants. The American title is Love Me If You Dare. It stars my new favorite French actress Marion Cotillard, who is up [and should win] for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose, which I saw recently. She is as adorable and lovely to watch as Audrey Tatou, but edgier. IN OUR COMIC BOOK WORLD, If I had little cartoon consciences on my shoulders I would want the angel to be Audrey and the devil to be Marion telling me what to do…

Jeux d’ enfants tells the tale of Julien and Sophie, who as children begin a mischievous game of dares that escalates into a sadistic competition as adults. Their conjoined insanity and obsession with the game seems to prevent them from pursuing a normal relationship with each other even though those crazies are meant to be. This anti-love story will either charm or frustrate you, but if you are like me and love watching sexy French people, gorgeous imagery-ridden, fucked up movies then this should be right up your alley. I’m always head over heels for a lot of color and Jeux d’enfants is filled with many beautiful scenes. Sophie is usually shown wearing the color red or hints of it and the scene where she is standing on train tracks, blindfolded in a poofy red dress is naturally a favorite. So, Cap Ou Pas Cap? [“Are you game or not?”]

[Also the mancandy is very tasty. I’ll take two of those, mum.]