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    Frugal Fashion Friday

    Everything I love here is at least fifty doll-hairs, which isn’t as frugal as I like it to be. You know momma has got to get a lot for her money! Still, these items turn me on so badly, it is my duty to share them with you. 1. From Tatty Devine’s amazing new “Movie …

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    Photoshoots Travel

    Madonna Inn Photoshoot

    My friends and I have always found simple joy in dressing up in costumes, props in hand, for out-of-town hotel photoshoots, so naturally we have wanted to visit the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The Madonna Inn is a magnificently gaudy hotel with over a hundred rooms, all with various themed decor. I was …

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    Movies Style

    Marion Cotillard Wins Best Actress

    If I haven’t made it clear how much I love and adore Marion Cotillard, this post should really prove it: Congratulations to Marion Cotillard on her Best Actress Oscar win for La Vie En Rose!!! And let’s talk about her Jean Paul Gaultier silver and ivory-colored mermaid dress. That shit is stunning. I like how …

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    Eye Candy

    Flickr Favorites

    1. klaus super horny pills, 2. Untitled, 3. i miss you, 4. Apricots, 5. Looking lovely and stuck up, 6. i’m so in love with you, girl, It’s like i’m on the moon, 7. ME IN THE CHAIR, 8. Cuz Olivia Guys & Kerry ‘Bout You!, 9. me by ryan casey, 10. Best prey, 11. …

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    Tara Subkoff for Bebe

    I usually never set foot in a Bebe since all that comes to mind are those baby tees emblazoned with the goddamn word “Bebe,” that were so overdone you could find mockups everywhere from the Beijing Silk Market to the 99 cent store. And when I do venture to the mall to get my fix …

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    Style Weird and Wonderful

    Poupee Crack

    Thanks to Gea, I haven’t been able to log out of this website I joined called Poupee Girl. Forget about your girly addiction to Polyvore, once you start dressing your Poupee doll you will forget about all your other websites. Or maybe that’s just me. Poupee, which means “doll” in French, is basically a virtual …

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    How I Love Thee, BJ

    Betsey Johnson’s beatnik-inspired runway show for Fashion Week Fall 2008 is so sexy, a cigarette magically appeared in my mouth right at this very moment. And now I have the urge to dust off that old copy of On the Road I haven’t attempted to read since I was fourteen. Followers of her work are …