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Frugal Fashion Friday

These clothes increase my horn levels

Everything I love here is at least fifty doll-hairs, which isn’t as frugal as I like it to be. You know momma has got to get a lot for her money! Still, these items turn me on so badly, it is my duty to share them with you.

1. From Tatty Devine’s amazing new “Movie Mayhem” line, the Sexy Legs necklace! Being a lover of fishnets, I’m just mad for this! There are even brooches and earrings in a pink fishnet design. I love Tatty Devine. All of their jewelry is incredibly fun and adorable. Too bad the dollar is crap. I’m going to have to earn some cash moneys with a car wash or bake sale in order to buy something from the UK.

2. Because Anthropologie is pricey, I rarely let myself go in there. I actually will have to force myself to go into one soon so I can use a gift card that I got for my birthday…back in October. I adore this cobalt blue cashmere dress. Soooo cute. Too bad it’s $150. And that’s even on sale! Oh but I love that color.

3. I have been spying these Jeffrey Campbell booties for a while and they are currently on sale for $69.99 down from $165. I wear my button booties constantly so these would be a nice alternative. Look at those pretty straps!

4. Last year I found a great, casual and cheap LBD at Target by the brand Xhilaration. With a cute Peter Pan collar, it was a simple enough piece to accessorize with colorful stockings and patterned scarves. This coral “Blair dress” from Fred Flare reminds me of a fancier version of it, and the ruffled front placket adds a wonderful touch.

5. Also from Fred Flare is this red and white striped Strawberries N Crème dress by All-Mighty. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with this kind of combo. I have such a major design fetish for red with white trim.

What about you? What’s giving you a major fashion boner these days?

February 29, 2008   7 Comments

Madonna Inn Photoshoot

My friends and I have always found simple joy in dressing up in costumes, props in hand, for out-of-town hotel photoshoots, so naturally we have wanted to visit the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. The Madonna Inn is a magnificently gaudy hotel with over a hundred rooms, all with various themed decor. I was able to book The Crystal Room, which is an explosion of pinks and golds, and even had pink velvet-flocked wallpaper! If Liberace and Barbie had a baby, it would be The Crystal Room.

I had a few key looks in mind, and the post-Valentine’s Day sales helped with acquiring the right props.

Candy is Dandy

Raspberry Fingers


We had such a wonderful time even though there were certain factors going against us: crap weather, a two-hour power outage, ghosts!, being sick, no food aside from cookies, and a chorus of frogs outside the window. I can’t wait to go back. In fact, I have started a personal mission of doing a themed photoshoot in every single one of the rooms at the Madonna Inn. A hefty goal indeed but I have faith! Wouldn’t that be amazing?

February 27, 2008   12 Comments

Marion Cotillard Wins Best Actress

If I haven’t made it clear how much I love and adore Marion Cotillard, this post should really prove it:

marion oscars

Congratulations to Marion Cotillard on her Best Actress Oscar win for La Vie En Rose!!! And let’s talk about her Jean Paul Gaultier silver and ivory-colored mermaid dress. That shit is stunning. I like how the dude in the back is like “Daaayum” and the chick in the green is straight jealouz. I haven’t even seen anybody else’s outfits from the red carpet. I don’t even care. Marion takes the cake I bet.


[photo via Yahoo]

February 25, 2008   3 Comments

Fafi For MAC Cosmetics

mac fafi

The MAC Fafi line came out last week and I was at the store first thing to pick up a few items I needed to try out in person. I never get this excited about makeup, but I do love me some Fafi. Ever since I read a blurb about her in Jane magazine [RIP] many years ago, I was a fan. She was also the reason I first became interested in street art. Look at this nerd picture of me in front of her mural on La Cienega in 2005.

Marie Fafi

As for the makeup, I am in love with a pink lipstick called Fun ‘N’ Sexy. I rarely stray from my signature red clown pout, but I am addicted to it’s sparkly pink tint. I also really like the Sassed Up iridescent powder and the Fashion Frenzy blush. The cosmetic bags are really cute as well as the t-shirt which I might pick up tomorrow. [I bought all of the dolls!] Check it all out here if you haven’t already.

February 23, 2008   2 Comments

If Shoes Were Valentines

I’d want these straight-out-of-a-storybook Vivienne Westwood shoes in my mailbox.

If Shoes Were Valentines

February 14, 2008   3 Comments

Flickr Favorites

February 13, 2008   1 Comment

Tara Subkoff for Bebe

I usually never set foot in a Bebe since all that comes to mind are those baby tees emblazoned with the goddamn word “Bebe,” that were so overdone you could find mockups everywhere from the Beijing Silk Market to the 99 cent store. And when I do venture to the mall to get my fix of trendy clothing, I go straight to Forever 21 where I can spend twenty dollars on something as opposed to eighty. But I just found out Tara Subkoff designed a line for Bebe and it looks so pretty I just might bite my tongue and check it out in person.


The line, which is Bebe’s first collaboration with a guest designer, has all of my favorite fashion key ingredients: red, white, black, ruffles, and hearts, all with a 1940’s pinup vibe. Tara, did you make this for me? You know I had a tiny crush on you in All Over Me so long ago. Ha!

tara subkoff for bebe


tara heart purse

The heart trend is in full effect lately and I am stoked and stroked. There is a black patent leather heart purse at H&M I will murder for. MURDER. Let’s take a look at that, shall we?

heart purse

Speaking of, [hearts, not murder], I have been using my gigantic Erin Fetherston for Target asshole of a purse lately and while it comfortably holds all of my day-to-day goodies, I keep knocking into people with it! Does anyone else have that problem or is it just clumsy ol’ me?

February 12, 2008   6 Comments

One Word Movie Review- Atonement

I finally saw Atonement. Here is my one word review:


February 12, 2008   4 Comments

Poupee Crack

Poupee Doll

Thanks to Gea, I haven’t been able to log out of this website I joined called Poupee Girl. Forget about your girly addiction to Polyvore, once you start dressing your Poupee doll you will forget about all your other websites. Or maybe that’s just me.

Picture 1

Poupee, which means “doll” in French, is basically a virtual way of playing paperdolls, [which I naturally love, seeing that I will have my own paperdoll game on here soon!] except you can customize them to your very own likeness. Ribbons are the cash money of the Poupee world, which you can earn through various methods: uploading personal pictures of clothing, accessories, and dolls, commenting on other people’s personal items, and selling your Poupee items to other people. After earning your ribbons, you can “shop” at the marketplace. You can then dress your Poupee doll up daily and take “snapshots”. Here is my page.

The math I know

Are you still there? Have I lost you? Do I sound like one of those RPG nerds that I never thought I would be?

Anyway, because the site is Japanese there are still a few things I am confused about, but once you start playing around with it you will pretty much get the hang of it. It reminds me of the time three years ago when a friend and I traveled outside of L.A. to encounter the magic that is Purikura and all of the instructions were solely in Japanese. We had to do it by trial and error but came up with masterpieces such as this:

So remember, where there is a will there is a way! With some Googling I have found a few helpful Poupee communities. Flickr has two here and here. And there is also a really good community on livejournal.

As with any social networking type of site, some type of drama is always guaranteed. Over at Poupee, you’re not supposed to upload pictures that weren’t taken by yourself. I even saw some warning message that said “ Moreover, I will punish severely when such an act comes to light.” YIKES! I wouldn’t want to offend the Poupee suits if I were you. Of course there are a few people that are blinded by ribbon greed and will label a freakin’ My Little Pony under the Tarina Tarantino brand, which you know my ass pointed out to her in a flash. Fakers. Why you gotta lie? Remember, “Lighten up, it’s just fashion!”


If any of you ladies want to join this kawaii kult, please tell me so I can send you an invite. If you sign up that way we BOTH get thirty ribbons each. OMG obsessed.

February 8, 2008   3 Comments

How I Love Thee, BJ


Betsey Johnson’s beatnik-inspired runway show for Fashion Week Fall 2008 is so sexy, a cigarette magically appeared in my mouth right at this very moment. And now I have the urge to dust off that old copy of On the Road I haven’t attempted to read since I was fourteen.

Followers of her work are familiar with the usual Betsey-esque staples: ultra-romantic, fanciful prints and bold feminine designs. With Betsey Johnson, it’s only natural to think pink, so her foray into sleek, 1960′s bohemian chic just makes me love her more. It’s even perfect for an a boute de souffle-inspired wardrobe. “This collection is a real flip for me, in that I’m going very dark, beatnik, black, bold, slim-lined, and leotardic. It’s kick-ass with a harder hard edge, in a Joan Jett kind of way” said the designer. Leotardic might be my new favorite word.








It’s going to be a lot of fun going vintage shopping soon with these looks in mind!


Edit: Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the show with Betsey herself courtesy of Nylon.


February 5, 2008   9 Comments