Happy New Year and welcome back! I am really excited to start the new year off with the relaunching of my website and blog! Agentlover.com was born in October of 2006, but I wasn’t pleased with the direction it was going in and since I’m fond of the classic makeover montage, decided to do one on here! The site is still under construction, but in the meantime I wanted to kick off the blog part, and I figure a 2007 year-in-review is the best way to do it….

2007 Dancin in Heaven

+ 2007 brought an array of adventures…mostly to do with travel! Needless to say I happily indulged in my wanderlust affliction first with a week long trip to Beijing, China! There I visited many beautiful temples, climbed the Great Wall [after going up on a gondola and down a toboggan slide!] , ate an assortment of delicious cuisine, and visited the 798 Arts District.

+ Soon after returning from Beijing, I was on my way to San Francisco for the first time ever! I loved that city so much I returned two times after that.

+ I finally visited The Winchester Mystery House, which I have wanted to see since high school. I went two times when I was up north, once for the Friday the 13th flashlight tour, which wasn’t at all scary but a lot of fun for a supernatural lovin’ nerd like myself.

+ 2007 was also filled with concerts galore. In late April I saw Bjork, Peaches and Interpol at Coachella. This was the first time I had seen Bjork live since 2003 so I was more than excited. I saw her two times after that, in San Francisco and recently in Los Angeles. Morrissey serenaded me five times this year, and I also saw Camera Obscura and The Blow.

+ A year doesn’t go by without the usual wackiness and debauchery; parties fancy and lowbrow alike [just how I like ’em], an insane Palm Springs trip, dressing up in everything from a chola to a corn on the cob [and it wasn’t even Halloween], nights spent dancing at Bordello, and a lot of time supporting the arts.

+ My birthday in October was celebrated at the lovely Edison Bar and the Griffin. I stayed at the Biltmore Hotel, which you might recognize if you are a follower of the Black Dahlia mystery. I love beautiful old, haunting hotels that tell a story and the Biltmore covers all of that.

+ Above all, I have made some really amazing friends this year, and they really are the cherries on this 2007 sundae. Hooray for all the exciting adventures and projects that await all of us in 2008!